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Ovomit is doing its damnedest to set off a war


This is absolute insane bullshit. This MGMMPOS Illegal Kenyan filth needs to be done totally in. I’m not suggesting an assassination, I’m saying CONgress needs to do its job. Impeach, arrest, try, convict, and hang for treason:

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    10/28/2016 19:39

    Being charged and being convicted are two different things.

    I’ve become pretty sure that Trump is going to win. I read a lot of tea leaves and that’s what they tell me. Somehow, I’m pretty sure that Trump would make sure Arpaio enjoys a comfortable old age. All Arpaio has to do is hold off the trial to the end of January.

  2. 10/28/2016 19:55

    I can agree with that, but you know Ovomit will push.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    10/28/2016 20:18

    How about this: Suppose Obama gives Hillary a blanket pardon?


    The political ramifications would be staggering.

  4. 10/28/2016 22:54

    Didn’t SCOTUS or CONgress freeze Ovomit’s pardon?

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