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Dear Lord God let this be true



  1. 11/05/2016 16:44

    Tell you what – there are two interesting scenarios that may crop up within the next week or two:

    A) Trump wins.

    In which case many of Hillary’s minions jump the now-powerless ship. They ALL know she’s crooked and won’t want to get sucked under when the Bitch goes down. The political appointees (Justice dept, Sec of State, etc) will be running for cover because they KNOW Trump is going to give them the boot. I’m betting that Huma is already singing like a bird – confronted by the contents of the “Wiener/Boner” Laptop. Those emails weren’t kept in a directory named “Life Insurance” for nothing, and their existence ALONE gets Huma jail-time. All this should begin almost immediately after the election.

    I read recently that Slick Willie “might” have just transferred a buttload of cash (1.x Billion?) from the Foundation to Qatar. It would not surprise me to learn that he & Hillary took the first flight out of the country after the election.

    B) Hillary wins:

    It’ll get bloody. The NYPD will have to release copies of the laptop emails – maybe through WikiLeaks – because Hillary’s Machine (Justice, State, etc) will feel secure in violating Due Process and stomp on the NYPD and the FBI investigations. All will go downhill from there.

  2. 11/05/2016 22:23

    I’m pretty sure there are people who already have those files in hand.

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