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“electoral map 2016 by county”

Let me borrow one of them:

Image result for electoral map 2016 by county

Final vote was 290-228. How, in the name of all that is Holy, oh wait, saturated with leftists in the major population centers. But look at how much of America still believes in America. You can change the dates to each election cycle, just for fun. Screw it, we won.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    11/12/2016 04:44

    Thank God the Clinton Million Dead people weren’t counted.
    Yes! She and her little friends had worked on that…Lord! How long would that take to compile a list like that!??

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    11/12/2016 14:11

    There’s another way of looking at it.

    If Hillary had insisted on recounts in some close states, how much of her cheating would have been revealed? We know there was evidence of cheating, in one case a warehouse of ballots.

    I have a nasty suspicion that Trump’s winning margin is larger than we know. Hillary probably thought that she’d put the fix in for some close races, but the number of Trump votes surpassed anything she was ready for.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    11/12/2016 14:26

    Clinton and Team and had to have spent months on collecting 18 Million Invalid Registrations and 2 Million are Dead People
    Clinton Voter Fraud Proof–18 Million Invalid Registration and 2 Million Are Dead

    There is a legal remedy for the Fraud Voting.

  4. Dr. Jeff permalink
    11/12/2016 15:15

    Second Thought: A lot of Liberals are making noise about Hillary receiving more popular votes. I’ve heard differing numbers, mostly around 500,000.

    In California her winning margin was approximately 2,700,000.

    Take California out of the equation and Trump beat Hillary in a landslide victory of approximately 2,000,000 votes.

    California is an unusual case. About 40 years ago the Dems began a campaign to disenfranchise the entire Republican party. They installed a system such that in the last election, there were no Republicans ALLOWED to run for office in many areas.

    It dates back to Diane Feinstein running for office in San Francisco and then installing an “at large” voting system that allowed a cohesive minority to dominate politically. That voting system is now statewide.

  5. 11/13/2016 05:22

    “In California her winning margin was approximately 2,700,000.
    Take California out of the equation and Trump beat Hillary in a landslide victory of approximately 2,000,000 votes.”

    Thank God for the electoral college. If it weren’t for that the reward for fraud would be even greater. Look at the states where there is essentially one party rule with large urban centers(California,New York, Illinois) they would able manufacture enough votes to steal any election.

    Under the current rule you need to win each state by 1 vote all the rest are overkill. Now just think if we went by popular vote with the inherent lawlessness in the Democrat controlled cities. Hillary got at least 500,000 fraudulent and illegal votes. That’s only 10,000 a state. Easily doable.

    The founders may or may not have thought of the electoral college as a vote fraud mitigation device but it has that effect at least on the state level.

  6. Dr. Jeff permalink
    11/13/2016 13:02

    If you put New York with California, Trump’s victory margin goes to 3.7 million in the other 48 states. That is a humongous landslide. Those numbers come from the New York Times.

    Like having the Senate and the House of Representatives, part of the idea of the Electoral College was to keep the large states from dominating the smaller states. Of course, that idea is lost on Liberals.

    btw – I’m not sure having Senators picked by popular vote was a good idea. You can argue the 17th Amendment both ways. As is, the Senate is picked the same way as the House of Representatives only there are fewer people involved and their terms are longer.

  7. 11/13/2016 13:54

    It was part of the “Progressive” plan to democratize the whole works. This is why “democracy” is the touchstone of their whole plan. Majority rule(when it cuts their way) sacralizes everything even if it installs the most brutal of regimes.

    Look how the Obamites howled when the barabaric Muslim Brotherhood was tossed. Look how they reacted when Chavez was overthrown temporarily in 2002. It sanctifies anything as long as its of the left.

  8. 11/13/2016 20:51


  9. 11/13/2016 20:52

    I like the idea of term limits on them.

  10. 11/13/2016 20:53

    Look at that map. ’nuff said.

  11. 11/13/2016 20:55

    That’s how they function. Work is too good a word.

  12. 11/13/2016 20:56

    Execution for treason?

  13. 11/13/2016 20:56

    Pure slaughter.

  14. 11/13/2016 20:58

    Long time. But they probably are storing it to a data base for next time.

  15. upaces88 permalink
    11/14/2016 00:41

    And, yet all of that cheating…she still lost!

  16. Dr. Jeff permalink
    11/14/2016 01:20

    I believe the final tally is in and Trump has 306 Electoral Votes.

    I’ve got a gut feeling that except in California and New York, Hillary kept her thumb on the scales everywhere she thought she could get away with it. Just to be certain of the outcome ya know. She thought she was careful. My gut also tells me that Trump’s victory was therefore much bigger.

    Could be wishful thinking or maybe it’s all the odd voting stuff that showed up in the weeks before the election, extra ballots, improperly calibrated voting machines only being found when an actual voter shows up. No one checked the calibration before the polls opened.

    If it had come down to one or two contested states, I’m not sure how far Hillary would want the voting investigated. She accepts the loss and no one looks too hard.

    She’s still a bitch. She still hates America and she’s doing eff all to quell the rioters. Real statesman like. Obama’s been quiet too. Asshole. They’re both running true to form to the end.

    Here’s a crazy scenario; I understand that 80-90% of our Armed Forces favor Trump. Obama uses some combo of the Soros funded civil unrest and the petition for the Electoral College to make Hillary President as an excuse to call Martial Law while they work out Hillary’s ascension.

    I figure within a half hour the first shots would be fired as our military moved to arrest Obama for tampering with the election while the III% folks would be cleaning up pockets of Liberal resistance, backed by roughly 100,000,000 gun owners and a fair portion of all the police and sheriffs.

    Could Obama and Hillary be dumb enough to trigger that scenario?

  17. 11/14/2016 06:25

    I wouldn’t have put it past them. They don’t give a damn about us, you know that. They’d have called for their drones to do it. How many would have is the only question. A lot of my SOC people were already aware it may have come to that, and were ready to stand by their OATH. The Constitution part, and the Lawful Orders part. And were aware of said “Lawful” component.

  18. 11/14/2016 06:26

    Oh yeah. 😀

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