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I love this girl


Her attitude ROCKS:

  1. 11/20/2016 06:58

    The fact that so many libtards are shaking in their shoes shows just how far from the founding premise we have gotten.

    The presidency and by extension the federal judiciary were meant to be an afterthought in the minds of the citizenry dealing with essentially interstate and external matters. It was the states that were delegated the day to day responsibility for the citizenry. The fact that the federal government is such a concern now can be traced directly to the party that put forth the most corrupt, incompetent and just down right nasty candidate in modern history. They voted to expand the uniform national government in the name of skin deep diversity and a faux fairness rubric that is anything but fair. They voted for it time and again. Their arrogance never factored in that someday their fraud machine might malfunction.

    They fear because they think we would do as they would and force them to live by our rules. Of course our rules are to live and let live within certain limits of civlity which allows these deluded creature to imagine that they would be allowed the same freedom to spout their bilge as if we were the “fasicsts” they claim we are.

    Obtuseness and situational obliviousness are just two more of the required traits for today’s “liberal”.

  2. Drew458 permalink
    11/22/2016 14:33

    She is AWESOME!! I love her!!

  3. 11/22/2016 21:59


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