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Some of us remember a lot of this


And then you find out there are many things you are reminded of, and many other things you never thought of because we’ve never needed to in all our lives. The Lost Ways.

I’ll freely admit this is an ad for a book, but there’s this video at the top of the page where he goes into a few pieces of it. I truly doubt I’ll get a surprise gift of money or a free copy even, but I just wanted to share this with you.

I used to know a lot more of this, hell I was a Boy Scout 50 years back when this was still taught as a normal part of earning your Merit Badges. And my Scout Masters were Recon Marines and SEALs between tours of Viet Nam. These were some serious teaching machines, and you got it right. They wanted to make sure we were ready if we ever found ourselves in the shit.

Check the link. I’m going to buy one of these and try to get this stuff back.

There are many people already within our borders that would destroy us should we not remove them before they do. This may just be what keeps us alive if the shit hits the fan.

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