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What would you expect from this slime


  1. guy permalink
    12/20/2016 21:27

    What would you rather have *that* person doing?

    If he had spent every second of the last 8 years doing nothing but golfing the entire human race would be better off.

    It’s just too bad he wasn’t as obsessed with perfecting his blind chainsaw juggling.

  2. 12/20/2016 22:02

    Spot on, Guy. Spot the fuck on.

  3. 12/21/2016 13:11

    After eight years of that piece of trash, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. If only Obama instead spent the past 8 years playing golf…IF ONLY.

  4. 12/21/2016 21:02

    Indeed. At least it couldn’t have screwed up the nation so badly. Not to mention the world’s view of what was once #1.

  5. 12/23/2016 05:08

    Have to agree with guy on this.

    His decision to go “golfing” is the best possible decision for the people of the civilized world considering this SCFOAMPOS’s history.

    At least when he butchers a shot on the golf course this physically and mentally untalented hack isn’t getting anyone killed.

    Let this unctuous piece of feces slide into the sewer from whence it originated with no further damage done.

  6. 12/23/2016 08:40

    Less than a month. Must remember that. Less than a month.

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