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Yeah, but we knew this


This one wasn’t quite as down home as the previous one I watched. Hell, let me share that one with you as well:

Again, we knew this shit. Why is that MGMMPOS still in place? The reason I hesitated to put this one up is that Alex Jones’ style, constantly interrupting or rephrasing, grated on my nerves just a bit. But thinking on it, it answers a lot of questions. Other than the one about why in the fuck is Ovomit/Soetoro.Soebarkah/wtf ever still not in prison.

We have the evidence. This thing needs to go straight to the wall out by the WH. You know the one. Or better yet, hang it. Firing squads would be considered more for jihadi warriors, and could be considered something that would martyr it. Hanging is for criminals, and would be shameful.

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