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As I recall, the numbers were YUGE


The electoral college thing? Yeah, 3074-57 counties. Now, you take New Mexico for example. Albuquerque has more people in it than the rest of the state combined. So one city is supposed to decide for the entire state?

I put up the color map a while back, so I won’t worry about that, but thank the Founders, thank God, for that whole electoral college thing.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    12/26/2016 23:07

    Looks like you need your own Electoral College.

  2. 12/26/2016 23:26

    Each elector is to represent x number of people per region. The mass of people in x and such area are supposed to represent “the will of the people”. As I said, in NM alone the number of people in one city is more than the rest of the state combined. And we’re supposed to allow one city to represent the entire state? You’ve seen the map. And it was as close as it was?

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    12/27/2016 15:33

    I’d wondered how New Mexico went for Hillary. I’ve been working on the assumption that it was the result of a lot of fully indoctrinated Hispanic Hillary voters plus an unknown number of illegal aliens voting.

    The fully indoctrinated are truly scary to watch. My Hollywood Cousin is still going crazy, he seems to get less rational by the day. His latest is being upset over Trump’s arms race comments, while he completely ignores Obama selling out Israel in the UN vote.

  4. 12/27/2016 23:42

    For some, euthanasia is the answer. If they won’t be cured, put them down for their own relief.

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