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And thus begin the New Crusades


About bloody time someone did this. Our problem is all these leftist bullshit pukes that want to destroy this nation. Had you heard of this? Did you see it anywhere on the LSM? Didn’t think so:

Why have we not heard of this? Because of the agenda of the left. My biggest question is: Why aren’t we doing this? Pisslam is a governing system, not a religion. Pure oppression. Why do you think these idiots blow themselves up for the sake of it? Because it’s the ONLY way life is going to get better for them, to go to Paradise for Jihad. But you know that Satan is the father of lies, Allah is Satan, and Mo-ham-ed was a tool of the devil, not a prophet of God.

I’ll stop there, my brain is on overdrive.

UPDATE: And through the smoke from my brain, looking for something else to think of, I actually stumbled across some Americans with common sense:

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/05/2017 15:01

    I think I understand better than most, the importance of religious freedom.

    The time when we could have had a negotiated and benign settlement of this (or any other) Mosque ended many years ago. Intransigent Moslem and Liberal positions have ended it.

    Despite the legitimate beliefs of many of its’ adherents, Islam is a totalitarian political system, incompatible with a free society.

    I used to create posts about the dangers of encroaching on anyone’s religious beliefs and speculate on how it would damage our society, its’ freedoms and ideals.

    We have now come to the steep and bloody part of the slope. Plan and prepare accordingly.

    When Islamic countries or even any significant group of Moslems accept Christian churches and Jewish synagogues as easily as they expect us to accept their mosques, I will change my mind. Until then, good luck to us all, we’re going to need it.

  2. 01/05/2017 23:37

    The problem with Islam, and anyone who professes it, is that exact totalitarian political system you mentioned. One CANNOT follow Mo-ham-ed and live in any other society amenably. Their entire system, should you follow the writings they profess, is that anyone who believes anything else must be enslaved. Perhaps the early writings were supposed to be better, but their “prophet” was a pedophiliac murderous warlord. The insistence is believe in our way or die. Their way is inconsistent with anything else, and they insist their law is the only way to be. They go anywhere, and insist on Sharia law. No. You come here, you live within our normality. THAT is the problem. You want to live in that society? Fine, stay where it is practiced.

  3. 01/07/2017 20:28

    Glad you liked it, and felt it worth sharing.

  4. 01/12/2017 16:17

    Spot on CM.

    When Islam sheds its desire to rule then it will become a religion. But as is well known the most intoxicating thing in the world is power.

    You can get everything else if you hold it and once achieved is alomost impossible to let go of peaceably.

    Why do you think Jesus, Cinncinatus and George Washington are so venerated? They willingly gave up power when the time came to go. Can you imagine any of these small creatures who lord over us really willingly giving up power and especially that SCOAMF Obama? If that were the case we wouldn’t now need the 22nd amendment.

    Islam needs to be outlawed until they get their liturgical shit together. Until then, stop the ,madness.

  5. 01/12/2017 16:54

    Well. there is a thought in my mind that if they want to face Mecca and venerate it, they should be looking into the clouds and looking like Charismatic Pentecostals with their hands up to the sky.


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