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Nine Days And A Wakeup


We’ve all seen the videos about “It’s not going to leave, it’s going to declare war and martial law, and…” on and on and on. Several factors here.

We’ve been in wars in the past, yes?

We’ve still had elections, we’ve still occasionally changed Presidents in those times, AAAAND, people know this possibility and won’t let this fly.

If there is a war, and the MGMMPOS tries to do this shit, the war will be on all fronts. Wherever, and right here at home. It may be between it’s mudslime brothers and America, but it will also be between Patriots and the government.

Be aware, be awake, be equipped, be ready.

And to the Patriots in the military, keep your eyes open for false flags and illegitimate orders. Do not allow the collapse of this nation on your watch. Remember, it is LAWFUL orders. You can’t be the brain-dead sorts of the past, and be in the military anymore. Hell, you damn near have to have an Associates Degree to be enlisted, much less an officer. Or be working on it. Use that mind to see what is around you.

Just sayin’.

  1. skybill permalink
    01/11/2017 00:02

    And remember to tip all your carry rounds with”Silver Bullet Gun Oil” made with 13% “PIG FAT” by “Lone Marine Enterprises!!!!!” That way any musoloids get a “Hit’ they don’t get no “72 Virgins!!!!!!’ Monitor the 4 stages of readiness ,,,,,we are constantly in condition YELLOW at least….even when asleep!! Blue skies, black Death!!! skybill-on constant watch!!

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/11/2017 02:33

    If it were open war, it would be easy to know what to do.

    As is, with the Libs (my Hollywood Liberal Cousin is beyond unhinged, I think he needs serious medication) going ape and Obama playing political games, it’s nerve wracking. Some Libs out here are actually talking about mass civil disobedience with hints of armed resistance.

    How they’re going to have an armed resistance when they’re anti gun would be an interesting to see.

    I’ve got to wonder what the Libs will do once Trump is sworn in. It’s enough that he’s got to deal with the likes of China, Russia and Iran without having to deal with a 5th column at home.


    Speaking of a 5th column –

    Fresh Bad News – Twitter just announced that they will terminate Trump’s account in two days because of “hate speech”. Here’s the write up from CNN:

    Trump’s account is still functioning and there is no response just yet. Jan. 11th 1:30 AM PST

    P.S. Twitter just recommended that I follow some Tweets on “Golden Showers”. Nice to know they think I want to be pissed on. Sick f*cks.

  3. 01/11/2017 08:16

    More fake BS from the left. Someone created some crap about The Donald used to pay prostitutes for “Golden Showers”. I must but suppose if you’re on the left, you just ain’t right.

  4. 01/11/2017 08:17


  5. 01/12/2017 16:51

    Dr Jeff says

    “…mass civil disobedience…”

    You rioting, looting and assault and battery. That’s SOP. They need to be “deterred” and any media that makes these belligerent animals into heroes need to be next.

  6. 01/12/2017 16:55

    Agreed. No licence, no limit. 😉

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