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Did you watch? Did you hear?


Oh Dear GOD! I stood there with tears in my eyes and prayer in my heart and mind that PRESIDENT Trump can pull these things together. I believe he can, and am FULL of pride in what we can become again. He wants to make America what it once was, and if anyone can do it it’ll be him.

This man is not a politician, he’s a businessman. He can’t be bought, he never had to make bullshit promises he never intended to keep, and he’s got a plan.

That speech was beyond reproach. The heart in it was pounding, pulsing life back into this nation which has been so destroyed by the globalists and their puppets.



  1. 01/20/2017 13:04

    A truly inspiring speech and a historic day for America! Trump is the modern day equivelent of a Founding Father…

  2. 01/20/2017 15:51

    That was so incredible. Like I said, I had tears in my eyes! Standing with my hand over my heart!

  3. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    01/21/2017 01:43

    Yes. YES! YES!

  4. 01/21/2017 09:52

    Just outstanding, wasn’t it? Awesome. Now, let’s get this thing rolling!

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