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Study history, you IDIOTS


I just went over to my MSN page to go somewhere, and looking at the links to news across the bottom of the page found this. That the USA has been downgraded to a “flawed democracy”.

I don’t know that I want to even pull quotes from this, but I suppose I must.

Researchers and analysts have granted the United States a sobering new moniker: “Flawed democracy.”

But don’t blame President Donald Trump’s election victory, said those at the Economist Intelligence Unit, which each year assesses nearly 170 nations for their democratic values. The new commander in chief didn’t sow the distrust of America’s governmental institutions, the organization said. Rather, he benefitted from it.

The U.S. had enjoyed its status as a “full democracy” along with Britain, Australia and others. But the 2016 Democracy Index found the U.S. came up just short of its former title, relegating it to the likes of other “flawed democracies” such as Italy, France and Costa Rica among others. Flawed democracies have free and fair elections, basic civil liberties but have governing problems and low levels of participation.

You fucking idiots. The USA was never intended to be a “full democracy”, it is a REPUBLIC!

I’ve put up the map several times already. The REPUBLIC had what, 3071 counties to 57? Counties, districts, whatever you wish to call them. But, in your opinion, those districts which had more people in them should have had the power to rule over all that “flyover country” purely by numbers? Where do you think your food/oil/clothing/etc comes from?

Ah hell, here’s the map again:

I’ve said before, Albuquerque has more people than the rest of the state combined. So we’re supposed to have everything in the entire state ruled by that one city?

You saw the PRESIDENT’S address at the inauguration. If not, go back a few posts and watch.

I’ll take a “flawed democracy” ANY TIME over the “full democracy” that these people find so much more desirable.

Comments? Suggestions?

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/26/2017 21:12

    Fifty years of Progressive Liberal politics will do that to a country.

    We’re lucky that the Republicans couldn’t stop Trump and the Dems were too dumb to run anyone except Hillary. They both have been running roughshod over the will of the American People so long, they thought they could get away with it forever.

    Hillary was the Establishment and Trump the Revolution.

    Trump is running the table and his ratings have been climbing 2% per DAY!

    Yee Haw!

  2. 01/26/2017 22:38

    Every day shows more approval. People are waking up.

  3. 01/29/2017 15:09

    The only reason this country is flawed is because they have lost political control of it.

    These mental midgets are at the end of their ropes and if they keep it up they’ll be at tthe end of ours.

  4. 01/29/2017 22:16

    I’m for it. That was one of the first knots I learned!

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