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Sign this immediately! Hell, let me put this in plain text:

The NFA 34 is that which controls our ability to Keep And Bear such firearms as we might find particularly useful. This is the UN-Constitutional action which made it such a pain in the ass to have SBS, SBR, Suppressors, all kindsa useful things. As for me, full auto is unnecessary, but should be available if that’s what I find might be useful at this particular moment. Using full auto tends to waste ammo, in my military experience. Three shot burst I might use. But I am a non criminal, I always pass my NICS checks within minutes of the call being initiated. I have my CCW. If I want to put a folding stock on my Mini Draco, there shouldn’t be the need for me to send $200 to DC and wait 6-8 months for permission to do so. If it is an aftermarket part for X firearm that I can buy to put on a full size gun, why should I not be able to put it on a pistol if it will fit? If I want a shotgun for behind the seat of the truck that will fit neatly on the floor, or sit on the bedside table for house clearing if need be, there shouldn’t be the need for me to send $200 to DC and wait 6-8 months for permission to do so.

Seriously. these petitions need a certain number of signatures to be considered. PRESIDENT Trump is on our side. Click, read, sign. I did.

Why did I put 10A with 2A? I could also put in 14A and 19A. If a State is part of this Nation, they are not allowed to violate any part of the Constitution. If it’s not here, you can do as you wish. If it is, it’s law. Boom.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/30/2017 14:09

    Done, did and passed on.

  2. 01/30/2017 15:13

    Excellent. Thank you.

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