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This is some absolute bullshit


If you are in NM, from NM, or ever thought of moving to NM, click this and raise some hell. This is absolute bullshit, that we need worry about that here. Let me give you the gist:

Senate Bill 48/ House Bill 50 prohibit you from selling or gifting your firearms to any distant relatives, friends, neighbors, business associates, or fellow gun club members without government permission.  The legislation would criminalize nearly all private firearm sales between individuals unless they are conducted through a licensed dealer involving extensive federal paperwork, background check and payment of an undetermined fee.  Licensed dealers maintain this paperwork recording these transfers for twenty years and turn it over to the government if they ever go out of business.

SB 48/ HB 50 similarly restrict temporary firearm transfers or loans — not just gun sales.  There are a limited number of exemptions, including transfers taking place exclusively at shooting ranges, while hunting or trapping, or during an organized competition or performance, or any time the transferor remains present the entire duration of the transfer.  These exemptions are confusing, raise serious questions about the bills’ scope, compliance and enforceability, and highlight the overreach of the measures.  Activities that could be criminalized under the bills without going through an FFL and obtaining government permission:

Click the link, raise some hell. Then this from the Tenth Amendment Center:

A strong movement to end state conceal carry permit requirements has blossomed in the U.S. over the last couple of years. Supporters dub the idea “constitutional carry,” and often argue, “The Constitution is my gun permit,” or a variation on the theme, “The Second Amendment is my gun permit.”

While I fully support the idea of permitless conceal carry, this insistence that the Second Amendment counts as some kind of gun permit makes me want to stab an icepick through my eardrum. Not only does the idea fundamentally misrepresent the purpose of the Second Amendment, it actually assumes a fundamental change in the American constitutional system that a vast majority of “gun rights” advocates would likely reject wholesale if they really thought about it.

The first problem with the “Second Amendment is my gun permit” mantra lies in the fact that it implies the amendment creates a right.

It doesn’t.

It does not “give you” the right to keep and bear arms. It merely prohibits the federal government from infringing on a right you already had.

The right to keep and bear arms flows from a more basic right – the right to self-defense. This falls within the umbrella of “natural rights.” You have them “naturally” simply because you exist. The right to defend yourself and your property makes up part of what it means to be human. In other words, it’s natural to human existence.

No government can bestow natural rights – and no government can take them away. But governments can “infringe” on natural rights. Or to put it another way, interfere with them.

St. George Tucker wrote the first systematic commentary on the U.S. Constitution and stood as one of the preeminent constitutional scholars through the 18th century. Tucker called the right of self-defense the “palladium of liberty.”

“The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible.”

The Second Amendment was drafted and ratified to prevent the federal government from doing just that. But it was not meant to apply to the states.

AH! But the Tenth Amendment does state the whole “If it’s not here, it’s up to you. If it IS, you must abide by it”. Click and read the whole thing, see if you see what I see.

And all this crap was promulgated by EX-NYC Mayor Bloomberg. Didn’t we just have a YUGE turnout by NRA members for a PRESIDENT that promised to work on this? Fix this shit? 2A, 10A, 14A.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/03/2017 12:45

    you’re being Californicated.

  2. 02/03/2017 13:47

    Not if I have anything to say about it.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/03/2017 14:11

    Look out for political gerrymandering. Apparently you have a problem in that the Libs in Albuquerque vote as a bloc (hence NM going for Hillary) and there are enough of them to swing the state. It sounds as if you’re in the early stages of the same process that destroyed California.

    Someone has to organize the rest of the state and get them to see that the bloc voting of the Libs is a bigger problem than anything else. Hang together or all hang separately.

    You might use the recent craziness of the Antifas in Berkeley to sway even some of the Libs. Black clothing, black masks and gross violence to shut down the opposition. That stuff is just plain wrong. You’re going to need your own strike force, hopefully coordinated with the cops, to shut them down.

    I’ve probably said it 300 times, Liberals aren’t liberal, they are neo fascists seeking control. I don’t think most of them know about or care about the Communist roots of their movement, they just like the control that their socialist/communist agenda gives them.

    Good luck.

  4. 02/04/2017 10:13

    Yep, some of us are still buying “equipment” for dealing with the situation.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/04/2017 14:20

    Equipment isn’t always the answer. Out here in Hillaryland, mine will probably make me a target. The Feds don’t keep a list of firearms owners, the State of California does.

  6. 02/05/2017 00:39

    How did your state get so fucked up? Once upon a time it was supposed to be a wonderful paradise.

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/05/2017 01:36

    It was a “common sense” law that you had to pass a safety test to get a firearm. The state keeps a list of people who have passed the test. Technically, it’s not a list of firearm owners, just people who have passed the test.

    This really was a good place, a long time ago. Lots of good jobs, nice weather, good scenery, all kinds of good mom and pop restaurants. You literally can go skiing in the morning and surfing in the afternoon.

    There even used to be elbow room in Los Angeles. When I was a kid, there was farmland between Los Angeles and Santa Monica, nothing in Westwood Village (immediately South of UCLA) was over 2 stories tall and half of Westwood Village was weed covered lots. Look it up on Google earth if you want to see what it’s like now. I must be getting old to remember it that way.

    Ascot Raceway in Gardena, about 20 miles South of where I grew up, used to be one of the greatest dirt tracks in the country. It’s a junkyard now, literally.

    Where I grew up was where a mixed Christian/Jewish neighborhood met a Mexican neighborhood and a Japanese neighborhood. We all went to school together and had a good time.

    In the Spring, we all did Mexican folk dances for Cinco de Mayo, Chanuka in the late fall and had Christmas right after that. Fourth of July and Thanksgiving were everyone’s. I forget when the Japanese Oban festival was, but it was cool too. Steve Reeves as Clark Kent used to show up for that one and I still remember meeting Jay Silverheels at some other festival. No one enforced any sort of cultural enrichment, we were neighbors and we did what neighbors do, we shared the good stuff.

  8. 02/05/2017 10:03

    And somehow the left destroyed it.

  9. 02/10/2017 16:59

    Someone has to organize the rest of the state and get them to see that the bloc voting of the Libs is a bigger problem than anything else. Hang together or all hang separately.

    Or you could just shoot enough of ’em to regain the majority. You can’t convince these liberals they are permanently brain damaged.

  10. 02/10/2017 21:16

    I rather like that idea. Something as simple as a mortar and some Willie Pete into the housing area might help.

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