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If you have not done so yet, do it now



I’ll start with the video, you can watch and extract as you will:

I put up the NM stuff a few days ago. Here are some links:

And here’s another video mirroring the subject:

See what you think. Now, also remember to follow up on the email you will be sent to verify, to keep the signature valid.

As of 2141 MST, the NFA repeal has 94,868 signatures. Add yours.

OH! Just found this one you might like 😉 (Jeff)

From the Full30:

Now is the time to take the offensive and start to roll back these laws we’ve lived under unjustly for decades. Get in the fight.

NFA Petition:

Hughes Amendment Petition:

Hearing Protection Act:

Find your Congressman:

Find your Senator:

  1. upaces88 permalink
    02/10/2017 23:24

    I have to buy new speakers. They are busted.

  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/11/2017 00:26

    Got it and thank you. The NFA petition looks like it will make it, some of the others, not so much. The California petition has less than 1,000 signatures and only a few days left to make 100,000. My state is lame.

  3. 02/11/2017 07:04

    WTF is wrong with those around you?

  4. 02/11/2017 07:05

    Been there, done that.

  5. upaces88 permalink
    02/12/2017 04:45

    I found some older speakers; and I’m going to have this KID hook them up for me.

  6. 02/12/2017 06:19

    Pretty much any time lately I’ve had electronic work done, I’ve had my son do it.

  7. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/12/2017 12:01

    I just don’t know what went wrong with so many, even the gun owners.

    The guys in the video talk about the petitions against “Gunmageddon”. There were petitions at every gun store, shooting range and gun show, the petitions were out there, even in PDF form on line.

    There was a problem with a limited time available, but the petitions were out there, we could have done it. We still failed miserably. To add insult to injury, the voters then approved anti gun legislation by 57% to 43% on the November 2016 ballot.

    How much of that is because of the Dems messing with the election, illegal voters and the like, who knows. It’s a moot point anyway.

    As is, every time you buy ammo, you have to pass a background check, any magazine over 10 rounds is illegal with no grandfather clause, etc. It sucks.

    The only good parts are that they didn’t do anything about reloading components and while the law is very specific about assembled magazines, owning the unassembled components still appears to be legal. You can’t transfer the components (they changed that law some years ago), but mere possession still looks legal. I’m waiting for a final court ruling on that one.

    I’ve joined some Libertarian/Conservative groups to try and push back, but it’s slow in building. When I said we were going to have to show up at public events to support the few pro gun, pro freedom politicians out here, the first thing I heard is that people were afraid of getting hurt.

    No courage left, they’ve been mentally beaten. Sometimes you just have to put your ass on the line. I know that and you know that.

    I’m open to suggestion.

  8. 02/12/2017 21:47

    Show some spine. It’s infectious at times.

  9. 02/12/2017 21:49

    The other thing I’ll say to that is a quote from you: “How much of that is because of the Dems messing with the election, illegal voters and the like, who knows.”
    We all fucking know. How else?

  10. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/12/2017 23:54

    When the push back starts in California, look for me in the center of the front line. Maybe I’ll accomplish something, maybe I won’t. Either way, I don’t lead from the rear.

    California Voter Revolt looks to be a likely group. They’re on Facebook. We’re looking for potential political candidates to support and or guard as need be. People like us have been denigrated and marginalized way too much.

    I’m not beaten, I’m pissed.

    5’11″/Skinny/brn/blu/age 65

    I’ll send you an invitation if the party looks really good.

  11. upaces88 permalink
    02/13/2017 03:12

    You can LOL if you want to. I foujnd some old speakers; and I am on my belly on the floor trying to figure out which wire goes where. I Have a flashlight in my hand. There are so MANY wires down there! I am NOT an “IT”.

  12. upaces88 permalink
    02/13/2017 03:59

    Can I borrow your son? LOL

  13. 02/13/2017 09:06


  14. 02/13/2017 09:08

    Follow the wires back from the old fried speakers, find where they are plugged in, swap wires from the new speakers.

  15. 02/13/2017 09:10

    Sounds fun. I remember seeing something on YouTube about the California voters being really pissed at the state government. I’ll see if I can find it.

  16. 02/13/2017 09:21

    Didn’t find the one I was looking for. Damn. But it was about the bulk of CA voters being pissed off at what Moonbeam is doing to them.

  17. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/13/2017 13:48

    Biggest problem right now is that most of us are very far from the others, this is physically a big state, so we’re going to have to set up local groups as well as a statewide organization. We might try to use the California Republican party for our framework, but that remains to be seen.

  18. 02/13/2017 14:02

    Good plan, but whatever you do make sure it works!

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