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One of the best thought pieces EVER


This, without a doubt, is one of the most simple, direct, and to the point lessons to be learned. WE THE PEOPLE, or just THE PEOPLE part is only questioned by the left regarding guns. Ever notice that point?

  1. upaces88 permalink
    03/04/2017 13:58

    Texas Dollar Store isn’t but 15 min. away from me. They USED TO SELL “pawned guns.”
    Right after Obama got into office talking about OUR GUNS; there were NO pawned guns anymore. They had to build a warehouse complete with Guard.

    In Texas you find the weapon you want. You step up to the counter to pay for it.
    The background check may(?) take 5 minutes. If anyone has been involved with domestic abuse with “women”was at the top of the list.

    They also check for Hospital stays at a Psychiatric ICU.

    Then you pay for your gun; and you are out the door.

    Side Bar: Interesting thing happened while I was standing in line to buy mine. I can’t remember why Obama’s name came up…it did come up. This man was right behind me; and his face turned as white as a sheet when he said, “You don’t know who this man is. I do; and I quit!. He was so upset that he put his gun back; and RAN out the door.

  2. upaces88 permalink
    03/04/2017 13:59


  3. 03/05/2017 00:44

    One would have thought that Ovomit would have been his reason to stand still until he HAD his firearm.

  4. 03/05/2017 15:11

    You have the natural right to protect your self, your family and your property with any means available. Those who would deny you the tools to defend yourself are anti-human thugs not deserving of civility or respect.

    They are your enemies. Treat them as such.

  5. upaces88 permalink
    03/05/2017 19:34

    CM, what are the laws like in your state?

  6. 03/06/2017 07:00

    Pretty good, all in all. NICS and go for purchase, buy nearly anything you might like not federally controlled(auto, suppressed, etc) and that you get when you get your stamp, overall a very firearm friendly state. Hell, we have a county where every adult is required to own a firearm and is deputized!

  7. 03/06/2017 07:01

    Got it in one, FX.

  8. upaces88 permalink
    03/06/2017 07:14

    “deputized(?) I LIKE YOUR STATE!!!

  9. 03/07/2017 21:03

    Ain’t it great?

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