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Brilliant post from McDaniel Manor


This is a thing, in this case about Wyoming, about something very near and dear to my heart:

In case you haven’t been tracking the Wyoming legislature, they’re wrapping up the session with some good news on the firearms front.  We passed HB 194, which will allow each school board to – at its discretion – approve school staff member with state CCW permits to carry concealed in the K-12 schools.  The bill is most similar to Ohio’s, or South Dakota’s.

Well, hell. This article is full of all kinds of good news from near every corner of the legal right to carry and what you can carry in the first place arena. I went in looking for the “teaser” clip, and there were just too many to pick just one. But I will use the Wyoming school rule.

And the “National Reciprocity Act” and its justification:

One should never forget the primary reasons progressives/Democrats/ (add the title you prefer here) wish to disarm the law abiding: they cannot impose the tyranny necessary to establish their political utopia if the common man retains the right to keep and bear arms. Their other reasons for disarming the honest are, for the most part, as heartfelt as they are mistaken, but the ultimate reason remains controlling the people they consider intellectually and morally inferior.

Uhm, did y’all sign that petition I put up a couple of weeks ago? Repealing the NFA would be a helluva start. Followed by the 10th and 14th Amendment applicabilities that would or could follow nation wide in case after case. If we get sufficient control of SCOTUS, with Justices that believe in The Constitution as it was written, we could purge the anti-gun insanity across the map. I should think that the various things mentioned in the article, along with the other states they took their inspiration from, show a very good start in citizen reactions to the tyranny previously imposed.

I even left a comment that I thought was appropriate to the subject matter.

Got the link that led me there from Pumabydesign, thank you ma’am.

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