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This thing is absolutely INCREDIBLE


Oh HELL yes!!!!!!!!!! WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This thing is going to be expensive, oh yes, but DAMN!

  1. GomeznSA permalink
    03/18/2017 18:47

    Whatever happened to the Moeller AirCar?? Probably too expensive to be practical for us mere mortals as well………………

  2. 03/19/2017 06:16

    Or still not approved yet. The FAA can be a real PITA.

  3. Kauf Buch permalink
    03/26/2017 18:38

    Oh HAIL no!
    THINK of the ability of a hack to destroy passengers.
    Like gold bullion vs gold ETF, if it ain’t in YOUR hands, you ain’t got it.

  4. 03/26/2017 22:13


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