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Quick couple of questions for you


How many of you watch GoT?

How many of you have ever wanted to know what “The Mountain” looked like under his armor?

How many of you know who Conor McGregor is?

Dude that big? Wrestle? Fisticuffs? Oh hell no. That’s why I carry a gun.

  1. GomeznSA permalink
    03/19/2017 14:34

    I’m not sure I could CARRY a big enough gun to deal with someone that large.
    I guess I’d have to default to our line in the MPs when asked how to deal with large South Pacific Islanders: ‘back off jack or I’ll blow your kneecaps off’. Never had to though.

  2. Elaine Morris permalink
    03/19/2017 21:41

    I have your back on that one….guns are better!

  3. 03/19/2017 23:43

    With a monster like that? Yeah.

  4. 03/19/2017 23:54

    And G? I was far more comfortable when we had 1911’s than that stupid 9mm.

  5. Elaine Morris permalink
    03/20/2017 00:50

    I could just kick myself. I bought a 25acp. I shudda gone ahead and bought a 9mm. There is a pawn shop in Wylie, TX (where I live). “Texas Dollar Store.” They always had “pawned guns” UNTIL Obama got into office. That’s when he went on his campaign to take all of the guns away. Obviously LOL…they no longer have pawned guns. They had such a RUSH on guns, they, literally had to build a store house on the same property with guards there every night guarding the guns.

    I will NEVER forget this. I was chatting with the owners I have know for years and LOL… Looks like ya’ll are going to be very wealthy due to the gun ban. The man in front of me immediately turned around facing me. His face turned white as a ghost when he said, “You don’t know who that man is. I DO! I worked for him; and I quit…then he ran out the front door.

  6. 03/20/2017 06:29

    Anything is better than nothing. If it is small, you just have to be really accurate.

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