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How is it the fault of President Trump


When it’s CONgress that is blocking his moves to save this nation?

This is just the tiniest piece so far. It’s not him, it’s the obstructionists.

All these idiots blaming President Trump. It’s NOT him that’s blocking the plans he made or the things he promised to TRY to do. It’s the CONgresscritters. Why are you too stupid to see that?

We’ve got to help him drain the swamp of those who wish to see America die. They blame him for what is being blocked by those treasonous filth using the whole “three branches of government” thing. President Trump is trying, but they’re blocking his every move.

Are we really going to have to go back to that “voting from the rooftops” concept? But, one must remember the whole “enemies, foreign AND domestic” part.

  1. 04/13/2017 16:22

    The GOPe is in league with the NDSWP to make sure that !Trump! can do nothing positive.

    The GOPe risks making their party irrelevant all to kowtow to their NDSWP masters.

  2. 04/14/2017 00:26

    Don’t forget to vote.

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