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Remember the boycott thing a few posts back


Well, here’s one of my channels speaking about it. This one says it well. Maybe not perfect, but he hits the nail dead on regarding this CYA move by SA:

As for me and my house, these manufacturers are going to have to do a DAMN good job of fixing this shit. Until such time as this gets completely and overwhelmingly FIXED, they can do without my money. And I am quite assured I’m not alone.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/03/2017 20:43

    Does anyone have any idea what the mfgs thought they were doing when they went along with the proposed regs? Why did they think there wasn’t going to be a strong reaction from their customers?

    I assume most politicians are always interested in extending their control of anything they can, but why does any sane individual or company want to give up rights and privileges they already have?

    Again, I’ll point out that the slippery slope began with the GCA of 1968 when the mfgs thought they had a good deal because it limited milsurp imports. Fools.

    Speaking of politicians, here’s a plug for Omar Navarro. He’s running against one of your favorite Democrats – Maxine Waters. I’m working on his campaign doing some research and writing promo copy. He’s a decent guy AND with some demographic shifts that have happened in her district, we have a realistic chance of beating her.

    Check him out:


    Twitter: @PressGop

  2. 05/03/2017 21:44

    What they MAY have been doing is trying to trigger another “panic buy” situation. Prices go up, sales go up, as people try to beat the deadline.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/04/2017 11:22

    That would be one of the dumbest moves since New Coke.

  4. 05/04/2017 22:00

    And that didn’t work either, did it?

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