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This shit works VERY well indeed


These are the two calibers I carry most, and the ammo type I’ve come to trust on my belt. Yeah, I’ve got 9’s and 40’s I carry on other days, but on those days when I’ve just “got that feeling” I carry my 45. On those days when I feel like something smaller will do okay, what with my skills and all, my 380 is fine. It’s small, it’s accurate, and I’m still pretty damn good. Not bragging, just observing my performance on range days. I’m not Jerry Miculek, but I’m pretty good for an old retired military weapons instructor. So I looked for the ammo that would do the job best if I needed it. These would seem to be them. And I’ve found some other stuff that’s not too bad, and it’s cheap to buy:

This stuff is almost as cheap as “White Box” FMJ plinking ammo. I can just about buy this as my range ammo, and not have to worry about making sure I clear my mags for my “carry load”. We do what we must, and I am yet a sheepdog.

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