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For good or for evil


No tool does other than what the hands it is in make it do. Gun, knife, hammer, baseball bat. If you have an accident, it’s because you missed some safety precaution. If someone you know or love was hurt by someone with some form of weapon, was it the weapon that did the harm, or the person?

Anyway, let’s look at this fun toy:

The reason I led off as I did was the conversation I’m having with this Aussie in the comments there. Got me to thinking I need to write a post with that.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/14/2017 02:59

    I took a look at your exchange with the Aussie. I’ve had similar exchanges with Brits and Canadians.

    Despite all of our countries being democracies with varying varieties of constitutions, no one whose legal culture is tied to directly to Britain has the same concept of individual rights as we do. To them, everything is negotiable in one way or another. They have no concept that any individual person has absolute, untouchable rights. Emotionally, they are still Subjects of the Crown.

    Technically we don’t have absolute rights either, BUT, our rights are much closer to absolute than any rights in the British Commonwealth. Our ideal has been and will always be, absolute rights for each and every Citizen.

    Ryan really couldn’t respond to your “tool” question because he cannot understand not deferring to his betters in such matters. He may intellectually understand the words, but emotionally he can’t. He was told by the government what his rights are and he is a dutiful Subject of the Crown. He actually believes that he has the Right to Keep and Bear Arms because his government will permit him to own certain types of firearms under restricted and controlled conditions. He said as much in one of his comments.

    Thinking back, intellectually he understands much better than most, but his frame of reference is being a Subject, not a Citizen.

    No American has been a Subject of anyone since we declared our independence from the British Crown in 1776. All of us, save the craziest Liberals, believe we are born with inalienable rights given by God, not the government. He cannot understand the idea of being a Citizen as opposed to being a Subject. That’s a big difference.

    Pleasure to talk with you again, Citizen Blake.

  2. 06/14/2017 10:01

    Wasn’t that a fun thing? These people don’t understand how it works, they were gelded a very long time ago.

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