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I figured it had to be about the same


We’ve made some beer, we’ve made a bunch of mead(and drank it all), so I decided to look into something a bit cheaper. Honey costs money, honey.

Anyway, heard a thing about how rum actually comes from molasses. Did a search “fermenting molasses”. Found it!

There are of course names for other fermented beverages, based on their (primary) fermentable source:

  • Grain: beer (duh!)
  • Honey: mead
  • Apples: cider
  • Pears: perry
  • Fruit (especially grapes): wine

After querying Twitter and googling it a bit, I found an answer: a fermented molasses beverage (pre-distilled) is called “rumbullion.”

Found this quite an interesting short article. This guy found the same initial article I did, but it was a bit dryer of an article in itself.

Anyway, I still have my carboys and airlocks. I’m going to try this. I will report.

Update: (ptth, what 30 seconds later?) Check this one!

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