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It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about


It’s that there has been more than I’ve got time to properly go for!

Let’s take the LSM, and all of their bullshit. And you know, KNOW, how they’ve been choirboys for the DNC. Well, it would seem they’re about to get a little bit back, finally. And this one about Sarah Palin I just linked is but the start.

We also have the Trump/Russia/CNN crap that Project Veritas managed to get a candid admission that “it was all bullshit” from the big dogs at CNN. Trying to destroy he who was chosen by the people, they have been caught doing the propaganda routine.

Related to the Palin thing, but on a whole different level, is the GOP baseball shooting. Once again, among numerous yet to come plus those unknown or unrevealed.

Life is getting interesting once again, or should I say that the burnout is not going to let go until WTP finally get fed up enough, perhaps violent enough, in retribution to make this stuff go away.

Didn’t we think this election was based on being fed up with what the left had done to us? Didn’t we think we were going to fix this without violence? It’s working, but it’s working slowly. Is it working fast enough?

  1. 06/29/2017 08:49

    Isn’t the Project Veritas thing done by the same guy that got busted for faking the ACORN videos during Obamas presidency? He edited a bunch of footage to make it look like they were encouraging human trafficking, Congress stopped all their funding and then investigated and found out it was all B.S. and gave their funding back. They guy from ACORN sued him and won $100,000.00

    Also the same people that edited a bunch of footage about NPR and had even TheBlaze calling it out and saying it was “seemingly edited to intentionally lie or mislead”

    Not sure I trust anything this guy releases.

  2. 06/29/2017 10:07

    I would have to do a bit more research on that, but as I recall that’s not how that turned out at all.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/29/2017 15:43

    Sort of and not really. O’keefe is a mixed bag of good and bad.

    O’Keefe has definitely done some radical editing of his videos and some of his recordings were illegal, but overall, he has exposed quite a bit of corruption and a number of people he exposed resigned and were distanced from various Liberal organizations. Some were even convicted of the crimes he exposed.

    Reading the Wikipedia article, I noted that many of the cases against him were prosecuted and tried in areas controlled by Liberals and many of the commentaries against him were written by Liberals or Conservatives such as Glen Beck. Also, a careful reading of the article demonstrates a bit of spin in the Wikipedia article itself.

    As I said, he’s a mixed bag. I found the sections on the 2016 elections and the New York elections particularly interesting. Note that “The video led to the arrest of one man allegedly involved in the plan,[107] as well as two associates. All three individuals pleaded guilty.[108]”

    Your call.

  4. 06/29/2017 21:57

    “Didn’t we think this election was based on being fed up with what the left had done to us? Didn’t we think we were going to fix this without violence? ”

    You just wait till the Antifa jerks show up at Gettysburg this holiday weekend, with their plan to trash the place, destroy CSA monuments, and desecrate graves.

  5. 06/30/2017 23:42

    And they will be toast.

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