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Ah, those demoncraps


Ain’t they just a pip?

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/29/2017 15:13

    I looked Ciavarella up. He is a real piece of work. Basically, he had two careers, one as a “respectable” judge, the other as a career criminal raking in millions of dollars by destroying the lives of thousands of juveniles, many of whom were innocent of any crime. At least one of those thousands committed suicide as the result of Ciavarella’s corruption.

    He is currently at one of the nicer federal prisons – Federal Correctional Institution, Ashland.,_Ashland

    He should be in a Pennsylvania State Prison where he can properly deal with the results of his corruption. More accurately, where the results of his corruption can rape him.

    There are a lot more articles on him than I’ve linked to. The full story is disgusting.

  2. 06/29/2017 19:44

    Yep. Never has a convicted jackass been more deserving of having a cellmate named, “Between-The-Cheeks Chuck, and his 10-inch Corn-Hole Cork”. He’ll love you long-time.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/29/2017 23:11

    Oh yeah, originally he was offered a plea deal where he would serve only 7 years. He turned it down and his case went to trial. The judge was so disgusted that in August, 2011 he gave Ciavarella a 28 year sentence.

    There were a few other corruption cases as well that involved favorable rulings for his friends who were being sued.

  4. 06/30/2017 23:41

    As I said, demoncraps.

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