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NOT to go with the Elvis post


Well, come to think of it, maybe:

Now, I have an AK pistol, a Mini Draco, that I find to be an extremely serviceable tool. If I could put a Real Honest To God folding stock on it, then it would become my second grab this puppy and go gun. But that would make it an SBR, which is currently taxed and regulated, and you have to wait damn near a year to get your tax stamp so you can build it. I must suppose that the view of The Donald as to the meaning of the 2A has caused the ATF to rethink some of their misconceptions regarding the Constitution, so you CAN shoulder your “wrist brace” now, but it’s not quite as solid, therefore not quite as accurate. I would use my MDAK as a pig gun over any other handgun, and it would be much easier to handle than a regular long gun. Perfect for close range hunting. But it is a pain in the butt because you currently have to get government permission to transport controlled weapons across state lines, among other things.

We’ll see where this goes. And they better make it damn PERMANENT so future politicians can’t go back to violating the Constitution as they have for the last 83 years.

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