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He is absolutely right, you know


That damn Michael Bloomberg yankee is managing to screw with America via money. What is important to you? If it doesn’t matter to you, by all means enjoy your chains:

This is not one of the older ones, this was posted today, July 14th 2017. If we don’t get back to being active, we might as well not have even bothered.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/14/2017 23:18

    Check your email for a picture of an FRS-15 California “featureless” AR-15 clone.

    By not having features such as a vertical pistol grip, an adjustable stock, or a flash suppressor, the rifle is in the same legal category as M-1 Garands and Ruger Mini-14s. Garands and Mini-14s are not considered assault weapons in California. The FRS-15 is one of the better set ups. I’m also including what’s called a “Shark Fin” grip that is also is used on some “featureless” AR-15 builds.

  2. 07/15/2017 10:54


  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/15/2017 13:31

    American ingenuity at work, even in the People’s Republic of California. The FRS-15 actually handles pretty well and it can have a regular magazine release instead of requiring a bullet button. That last conversion costs $4.50. : )

  4. 07/15/2017 16:32

    I wish there were a “facepalm” emoji.

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