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Mufflers on cars, mufflers on guns


For the exact same reasons. A suppressor is not going to make you a Ninja assassin any more than pulling the muffler off your Continental makes it a funny car:

But it might just save your hearing. It’s not going to drop the belt line 6 inches on your pants so you be a saggin’ hoodrat. It’s not going to turn you into an International Super Agent. It’s just going to help save your hearing. And give you a cool new toy to put on your gun.

Oh, yeah, digging into the “wayback machine”, here is an example of what I’m talking about:

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/14/2017 23:06

    In the middle 70’s I built and raced stock cars. From the early 80’s on, I’ve enjoyed a lot of shooting. That’s not counting the hard rock I’ve enjoyed since hearing Iron Butterfly performing In A Gadda Da Vida live in 1968.

    I can tell you a lot about tinnitus.

    In purely practical terms, just what was the connection between suppressors and crime supposed to have been when they passed the first Federal Laws about suppressors for firearms back in the 1930’s?

  2. 07/15/2017 10:57

    I don’t know, actually. Maybe the Mafia hitmen used them to not attract the popo from the street into the restaurant? I really don’t think that ever happened but rarely.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/15/2017 13:33

    I don’t know either. Except for some very special set ups, that were usually the size of a salami, most of the suppressors I’ve ever seen are far from silent. Most take the edge off the sound, but that’s about it. Back in the 1960’s, in England of all places, I did a day’s worth of shooting with a Winchester Model 63 that had a suppressor on it. The sound was quite audible, but mild.

    Back in the early 90’s I was across the street from a drive by shooting. Frankly there wasn’t that much to hear. Until the cops showed up, I thought someone had lit up a few small firecrackers. The noise of a pistol shot doesn’t seem to carry well in the first place.

    Sawed off shotguns are another item that are covered by the NFA. They’re not any more lethal than a 1911 or .44 Magnum and a lot harder to conceal, so what’s the big deal? Same for short barrelled rifles.

  4. 07/15/2017 16:32

    Agreed, agreed. Repeal the NFA, insist on the 10A.

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