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THIS is exactly what the 2A was written for


  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/19/2017 17:39

    Reverend, the Choir agrees with you.

    The opposition is wilfully blind and deaf. I am no longer willing to give any good will to the idea that they are merely mistaken.

    My Hollywood Cousin has already posted that he will support anyone who opposes firearms ownership. Notice the word “anyone”.

    The last I checked on him, he was becoming active with the Antifa crowd. Sometimes I wonder how he squares the two philosophies. I’ll probably never know, he quit talking to me when he found out I voted for Trump…or it might have been when he posted a very gross and pointless cartoon of Trump and I called him out for it. It was nothing except nasty – no point, no logic, no facts. Typical Liberal.

  2. 07/21/2017 00:56

    There are none so blind as they who will not see. Fantasy may be fun, but you can’t live there.

  3. 07/21/2017 00:58

    You know what might cure him? To be robbed and raped at knifepoint. Not gun, knife.

  4. Dr. Jeff permalink
    07/22/2017 02:28

    LOL – he’s too chicken to go anywhere besides the San Fernando Valley (home of the Valley Girl). Years ago, I invited him down to my end of town for a good local restaurant. He wouldn’t come – too scared of my neighborhood.

    I don’t think non white people are allowed in his neighborhood – they’re all White Liberals.

    Jeez – you should see my neighborhood – Black, White, Hispanic, Asian – we’re all here and we all get along. No multi culti b.s. either. We get along because being disrespectful can get you hurt. Color doesn’t count, respect does.

  5. 07/22/2017 18:56

    Awesome, brother. THAT is exactly where I’m at. Black, Brown, Yellow, or White, we all bleed red.

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