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If this is true, and it better be


The words “any more” are used toward illegals not being on welfare any more. Legally, they never were. Or at least never should have been. Social Security either. They didn’t put in, they shouldn’t take out:

Or vote, yeah? Remember this, these are foreign invaders. As they are not even in uniform, they may be killed on sight as such. By Law.

  1. FX Phillips permalink
    07/23/2017 05:29

    Once upon a time in America you couldn’t come here without visible means of support and a sponsor to guarantee you wouldn’t go on the dole.

    But now we have ruling class that sees its constituents aborting its potential clients and an economy that is now growing so that the demand for their type “charity” diminshing so they have to import “victims”.

    They insult us invade us and then send us the bill.

    Ceasar crossed the Rubicon. At some point we will need to cross the Potomac.

  2. 07/26/2017 09:28

    The DNC importing voters, perhaps?

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