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Those who ignore history


Are doomed to repeat it. This saying is far older than normally accredited. We have this Virginia thing, OH BUDDY I’ve got one building in my head on that, but I’m sure MY readers would see what I’ve got to say as preaching to the choir. The Donald is absolutely correct in his statement that it was the fault of both sides, but I’ll go a bit further and put it mostly on the left. Because what the left wants to happen is for us to remove our history so we forget how we got where we are.

Why? Those on the right had permits to be there to protest the SJW attack on history, the book burners if you will. The left sent in their squads TO ATTACK the peaceful protesters. And of course there were some on the right prepared for that who did not hesitate to join in the fray.

So they are speaking of a Convention Of States to rewrite the Constitution because the only way to fix the government is to change our founding document. Really? How about reinforcing and specifically defining the meanings of the Founders words about a limited government with specific tasks, and living within the intended boundaries of said document?

Oh, wait, that’s too much to expect for the government to be restricted to following their clearly defined limits. Pssshh, what was I thinking? Silly me.

The other thing is fraudulent voting. Now, I’m sure you can clearly see how that would apply to this. Good segue, eh?

My blood pressure has been doing very well lately. I’m not going to quit writing, but limiting myself seems to have done good things for me. The thing that would help the most is, unfortunately, illegal right now. I leave that to your imagination to think what I mean there.

  1. FX Phillips permalink
    08/18/2017 16:04


    No doubt who the aggressors are here. Just as it always has been it’s the left that initiates the action knowing their media mouthpieces will spin it to their benefit.

    When taking offense to people calling for your demise becomes “hate speech” the efficacy of speech itself has to be questioned.

    A hickory ax handle becomes the arbiter of good sense.

  2. 08/19/2017 01:41

    OUTSTANDING!!!!! Always look forward to any input from you. Then I KNOW I’ve written well.

  3. FX Phillips permalink
    08/20/2017 10:30

    I’m trying CM.

    Just a lot of personal shit going on right now.

  4. 08/21/2017 08:47

    I know what that’s like for sure. Deal with you and yours, pop in when you can. Prayer sent.

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