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Ben Shapiro isn’t a favorite of mine


But there are times when he makes some pretty good points. One thing that scares the hell out of me is his expectation of a “blue wave” in this mid term election cycle:

I’ll use the crude term, HOLY SHIT! Do NOT allow this to happen. I will say this, if your congresscritter is a RINO, put in a real Republican. It can be done/It MUST be done. The only way we are going  to save this nation is to do what we did to get The Donald in. Vote beyond the ability to cheat!

Ben says we are unlikely to keep CONgress. Prove him wrong. Do not stay home, get off your ass and vote. It is actually almost incredible how many more of us there are than them. But they cheat. Multiple votes, dead people votes, name it. They do it. But we, WE, beat them for POTUS. Do it again. Do it again. Save this country. If the demoncraps take power, we’re done. And you know that.

Did Ben say this to scare you into NOT sitting at home? I hope he succeeded. The demoncraps must be removed. Standing, or feet first, they have to go.

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