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Wayne, you’re one helluva politician, but NO MORE COMPROMISE!!!!!!!!!! Let’s look at the times when you’ve compromised with DC, shall we? First, the excellent politician part:

Sounds frikking awesome, doesn’t it? But the gun ban, oh too numerous to remember, but most recently “bump stocks” (that I wouldn’t have anyway, personally). NO MORE COMPROMISE! I just got a membership with GOA. I am a LIFE member of the NRA. This is a thing. But the GOA is more hard core and committed to NO MORE OF THIS SHIT!

You may want to see if you can help. Article VI [2].

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/08/2018 16:36

    Here’s my idea of a reasonable compromise:

    1. I keep my guns and acquire more as my budget and taste allow.
    2. I don’t shoot anyone who hasn’t met the requirements for a legal and righteous shooting. (I believe in a moral requirement more stringent than the law.)

    Side Question:

    How many watch lists will be triggered by my comment?

  2. 05/08/2018 17:55

    Outstanding concept. Oh yes, I just had to buy a new safe. My existing one looks like a jenga game. Trying to get them all in there!

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