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You knew this stuff happens all the time


Now we have some proof. Any and all of my readers, friends, followers, whatever you happen to consider yourself, make sure you get all of YOUR friends and go to the polls. How did we get The Donald? We got so many votes they couldn’t win. Even with all the cheating you’ve seen me post videos of, we still won. We beat them:

I don’t remember if I’ve already posted this, I may have. Or something like it. But you’ve got to know how important this is, what we’ve got to do.

If we don’t win, we will undoubtedly have to go to war. I know, I know, this was what was going on before the 2016 election. But the left, having lost, is going to psychotic levels trying to take the power back. We have President Trump and his crew doing a pretty good job of draining the swamp, but they’re still there. And there are those in the public, so dedicated to staying on the D plantation that there actually are those who still vote to keep them in power.

VOTE! Or be ready to fight. Those are your options.

  1. 05/08/2018 19:55

    Hopefully mid term elections WE THE PEOPLE will help drain the swamp! OH YEA I’LL VOTE! If That dont work, ILL FIGHT

  2. 05/08/2018 22:47

    If we DON’T vote, we WILL have to fight, pretty sure.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/10/2018 13:16

    It’s always about control. More irony, the Democrats don’t believe in democracy.

    You know the thing I found funny about the “Russian interference” in the last election? They put out exactly what people like you and me had been putting out for the last DECADE. There’s a strange irony in Putin helping us get our message out. It seems he was listening to us more than the Democrats and RINOs were.

    Today’s my day for seeing irony.

    I did a quick bit of research on the tape and found an interesting article over at The Intercept. Near the end of the article is this quote from another Democrat who didn’t get his party’s backing”

    “Gabriel McArthur, another former candidate for the 6th District, says the DCCC never contacted him, even though he was the first candidate to enter the race. He says the party exercises influence not just over candidate selection, but how political money and media coverage operates in the state.”

    All things we knew that need more exposure. You listening Putin?

    Here’s the article:

    USA Today had some good stuff too:

  4. 05/10/2018 22:49

    Roger. That shit.

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