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Seems like about once a week lately


These school shootings, on and on. Dollars to doughnuts that, if they do a serious deep investigation, somehow this will tie into demoncraps. Too many holes in the story, too much evil. There have been no Republicans, there have been no NRA members, ever involved in these things. They have all been somehow demoncraps and/or anarchists of some form. Yet WE are the ones who are blamed.

What stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Arm those teachers who will, assign cops. Where are the gun crimes worst? Where the honest citizens are disarmed.

The demoncraps are getting desperate because we are, or have been at least, winning the 2A fight. They HAVE to do these things to garner sympathy against firearms. It. IS. Not. The. Tool. It. Is. The. USER!

  1. 05/18/2018 22:53

    Welcome to the 21st. Century, and the leftist war on our Republic from within.

  2. 05/19/2018 04:20

    They do seem to be getting desperate.

  3. 05/19/2018 08:09

    Reblogged this on Boudica2015.

  4. 05/19/2018 19:42

    Thanks, Boudi. This is the sort of thought that must go viral.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/20/2018 14:53

    There’s a larger question than our current politics. What has happened to our society that such evil happens with greater frequency? I’m old enough to remember Eisenhower and there were NEVER school shootings.

    As individuals, as a people, we made an effort to be good, to be righteous. We were Americans, which meant that we were great and we were expected to do great things. The mere thought of such horrors was almost impossible.

    We all remember how shocking the the first few were, the Stockton shooting in 1989 was a real punch in the gut for everyone. Now, as you said, they almost happen weekly.

    Some have said it’s because we took God out of our schools. Let’s be honest, that’s a little simplistic.

    It’s more likely that we put God out of our hearts. Why and how, have we so completely lost our way? That’s a little more complicated. It requires a level of introspection and honesty as individuals and as a society that few of us are willing to do.

    I’m not talking about the evils of strip clubs, whiskey and porn, compared to the murder of children, such things are pretty minor. Those are the common things that have always been with us, ever since the oldest profession began.

    No, there has been a greater break, one that is unprecedented in history.

    What has made us so bad as a people?

  6. 05/20/2018 22:28

    Infiltration, brother Jeff. Since, probably the 40’s, we have been infiltrated by some of the most skilled of the duplicitous.

  7. 05/20/2018 22:31

    Here is, possibly, an oblique question. Remember Maynard G. Krebs?

  8. Dr. Jeff permalink
    05/21/2018 15:25

    Yes, I remember from Dobie Gillis. He played some sort of side kick goof in a couple of beach blanket films too. Later on, he became Gilligan.

    Actually the people who I believe contributed to the downfall were less well known.

    Tom Lehrer comes to mind. He used to compose little dittys that were fun and sounded witty. Like many other forms of comedy from the early to late 1960s, it also pokes fun at important institutions. In many ways, completely innocuous and very funny. In others, devastating to how our culture saw itself.

  9. 05/21/2018 19:15

    Yep, Maynard G. Krebs, beatnik. And you realize the beatniks were the original hippies, yes?

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