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17 years ago


I had taken a patient over to the Cancer Center in Lubbock. Took her in, got her checked in, went back out to the car to chill out, listen to Bob and Tom on the radio, and the news came on. I ran back into the building to watch it on the waiting room TV:

Never Forgive, Never Forget. III%. WWG1WGA!

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  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    09/11/2018 15:43

    I was getting ready for work, shaving and listening to the DJ on the radio. When he got the first report and read it on the news break, he dismissed it as a sick hoax and went back to his regular talk and music. A couple of minutes later, he broke into the song that was playing to tell everyone that it wasn’t a hoax, it was real.

    I kept listening to the news and went to work, still not ready to fully accept what had happened.

    When I got to work, every radio and TV was tuned to the news. No one did much work that day. A guy in the art department printed up little American flags for everyone and we all just looked at each other saying “Oh my God”.

    I understand what happened. Lunatic religious freaks, from the only faith that preaches violence, killed a lot of people and want to kill more.

    They must be stopped by any means necessary.

  4. 09/11/2018 19:37

    Indeed. Study the Koran, learn what keeps them from “Paradise”, and do that.

  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    09/12/2018 01:11

    Lots of ways to keep them from Paradise, but the only certain way to end their murderous rampage is to kill them all. The only question is what to do about the “moderate” Muslims. Unfortunately, they are the breeding ground for the crazies and have been nearly useless in helping us with the Jihadis.

    At that point, the ethics get real complicated. Not only is genocide frowned on, but a bigger problem is what it would do to our society, where freedom of religion is in our DNA. Exterminating a group of people because of their faith does not square well with the 1st Amendment.

    One of the reasons the Germans quit using mass shootings of Jews (eg Baba Yar), was that many of the soldiers doing it became basket cases. It didn’t matter how loyal they were to Hitler or how much they had learned to hate Jews, when you use machine guns on innocent men, women and children, young and old alike, it screws up your own sense of humanity. Thee are only so many Jeffrey Dahmers and John Wayne Gacys around. They are the only kind of people who can do it and not go crazy.

    The next problem is, after we have singled out one group of mostly harmless people for extermination, who will be next? There are plenty of ways to argue that even mainstream religions have elements that should be destroyed. In some cases, Antisemitism for example, no reason is needed, it’s been with us for centuries and will be with us for centuries more. I don’t even want to think about the whole Protestant vs. Catholic business. That could easily be a destructive blood bath all by itself.

    The only group Poe seemed to hate as much as Jews was Protestants. If someone like him gets a measure of power, the slaughter will be pretty bad.

    There will certainly have to be a lot of killing, but how we do it and where we stop it will be the most important questions of all.

  6. 09/12/2018 22:12

    Point made.

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