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About Me, cmblake6

M’kay. Y’all may know me from a number of websites. I even had another one I kept forgetting to put anything in over at blogspot. This one I hope I remember, and eventually maybe get the odd viewer.

As for: about me. Joined at the tail end of Viet Nam, retired from the military(TSgt, USAF, Combat Arms Training and Maintenance) after Desert Storm. Got a daughter from my first marriage in the AF herself, with a Navy husband. They work that by being in bloody Hawaii(Hickam/Pearl)! Got a civilian daughter and a civilian stepdaughter from that one. Got a stepdaughter in the AF from the second marriage, and a civilian son who is a Patriot and a Homeland Defense believer, and fairly well trained at it. #3 marriage is 3 kids, one huge stepson and two stepdaughters. Yeah, #2 made me modify the system to blanks, *AHEM*.

Biker, shooter, semi-collector of old firearms, nudist when given the chance. Politically? HARD right conservative libertarian. PATRIOT! Read my stuff to get an idea.

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  1. 02/27/2008 19:09

    Have a nice day !

  2. cmblake6 permalink*
    03/03/2008 02:09

    And you would be…? Like to get to know if someone actually reads me and whom.

  3. Jeff Sobel permalink
    03/31/2008 04:28

    Hiya Blake,

    I was checking the comments on Pat Dollard’s website and found yours, so I thought I’d drop in.

    Azmat Hussain just doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not just this one movie. It’s the reports of the religious police in Saudi forcing girls back into their burning school because they weren’t properly veiled. It’s the bombings in Bali. It’s the beheading of school girls in Thailand. It’s the televised executions of the Taliban. It goes on and on. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t know already. I hate to call anyone’s faith cancerous, but in the case of Islam I think I’m going to have to make an exception.

    Anyway hello there!

    Dr. Jeff

  4. cmblake6 permalink*
    03/31/2008 21:19

    Top of the mornin’ to ya! Glad you dropped in, and I hope I’ve got some good thoughts to read.

  5. 04/05/2008 01:22

    Damn, Doc Jeff comes here too? Maybe we should all meet up at Kim’s and have a party.

  6. cmblake6 permalink*
    04/05/2008 03:42

    THAT sounds a plan! What with Mr Freemarket and all…

  7. 08/08/2008 05:00

    You came in at the ass-end of Nam, I was there at the start, but Combat Arms Training and Maintenance sure do sound like the same sort of shit I did for 10 years. You work on the stuff that hooks up to air-frames, or gets carried by enlisted swine?
    Seen your comments all over the place–Kim’s, Misha’s, Pat’s mostly, but others too. So I thought I’d quit lurkin’ and say hi-de-hi. You might even drop by at or and say hi-how-ya-all-are.

  8. cmblake6 permalink*
    08/08/2008 09:04

    The personal save-your-ass devices. And everybody got trained, from the ground troops to the Wing Commander. And NObody was any more important to me than any other, E-1 to O-10. My purpose was to teach them how to stay alive if the SHTF. I prided myself on that, and I still teach others as they desire.

  9. MitchM permalink
    09/15/2008 22:48

    Hi, I’m MitchM from over at Rodger’s. Looking for that HOPE Palin shirt? I remade it at my CafePress shop.

    if you’re interested.

  10. Yolanda permalink
    11/09/2008 18:52

    Just saw your video. I’ve been totally depressed since the election, and your video made me smile for the first time since 11/4. Thank you for your optimism, I needed that. I’m sure you take a lot of crap for your views since as a Black man you’re thinking independently and not following the group think mentality. I’m a person of Mexican descent who grew up in a liberal environment with a family that is hard core Democratic no matter how looney the Democrat party gets. To them, identifying with conservatism and Republicans is a sure road to hell. Funny that they don’t see that that it’s liberalism that supports to much that is hateful and wrong in this country. Please continue your good work and continue to spread your optimism for a better country. You’re awesome!

  11. 11/09/2008 22:30

    Thank you so much! I do try to pick stuff that fits the mood of the day. But I’m a mutt. English/Scot/Irish/Shawnee Indian. You want to read some kick-ass stuff from a Black man, read Bob Parks! There are others, but his stuff is really good. Walter Williams kicks ass too.

  12. bugzy permalink
    11/17/2008 23:01

    Another refugee from The Other Side. Thanks for the place to camp.

  13. 11/18/2008 00:40

    Glad to have you over. Grab a cigar and a beer, and we’ll get on with it. I’m for damn sure not Kim, but I promise to keep trying my best.

  14. hoosierarmymom permalink
    01/20/2009 08:08

    Clambake6, I’m adding you to my blogroll. Welcome Home and thank you for your service.

  15. hoosierarmymom permalink
    01/20/2009 08:10

    Holy cow… sorry about goobering your name, I think I’m overcome by hunger!!! LOL!!! CMBlake, I’ll get it right on the blogroll. 🙂

  16. 01/20/2009 13:37

    You related to Troy?

  17. hoosierarmymom permalink
    01/21/2009 17:41

    No relation that I know of, but it is the third marriage name. LOL!!! I don’t do “that gig” very well. My maiden name (the name I used when dinosaurs ruled the earth!) was Gaylor.

  18. hoosierarmymom permalink
    01/21/2009 17:45

    Are you a PGR? I have some pretty interesting posts over at my place, including one about the Brits wanting their guns back. A flaming lefty from the UK made the mistake of commenting in defense of gun control and the comments got pretty good after that given my pals who are pro 2nd Amendment in the Blogsphere and from the PGR showed up!! LOL!!!

  19. 01/26/2009 22:26

    OK CM, like where exactly do you blog from. My location is a no brainer. LOL!!! If I get the job I’m going for and move to South Carolina… I may well change my moniker to Dixie Firecracker! LOL!!! Just curious to know what great state in our Union you hang out in!

  20. 01/27/2009 06:13

    New Mexico, right smack dab middle of the Eastern border with Tejas. 10 miles, and I’m in there, the only place retaining the Constitutional right to secede.

  21. hoosierarmymom permalink
    01/28/2009 02:17

    Nice hot, dry weather most of the time too! Texas retains that right because they are a Republic?
    That would be kewl if you could eject the citizens of Austin (The Moonbat bastion of Tejas!) first!
    I have told friends many times, if I could succeed from the Union… NOW would be the time.

  22. 01/28/2009 06:45

    Roger that! Not bad down here at all most of the time.Gets a bit nippy sometimes, it was 12 degrees yesterday, windchill made it -1, but MOST of the time it’s dry and pleasant.
    As for the Austinians, even they aren’t total moonbats for the most part. Some of the best vodka on earth(Tito’s) comes from there.

  23. YourDaughter permalink
    03/24/2009 23:59

    OK, so I found it… I thought you might have a little something about your dual military children, that have a WHOLE lot in common with ya. I am going to subscribe to this, you just always have a way of putting things and you always find the most interesting columns.
    Lots of Love to ya

  24. 03/25/2009 06:29

    Hugs and kisses sweetie! Update to the post!

  25. YourDaughter permalink
    03/29/2009 23:02

    I LOVE IT!!! Gotta love those blanks…
    Hugs and kisses right back at cha.

  26. Keith Farkas permalink
    04/17/2009 14:51

    e-mail me so I can send you something to see if you know about it.

  27. 04/17/2009 16:22


  28. 06/07/2009 11:11

    First off thanks again for adding my bit o fluff to your br. Also entered the military at the end of our time in South East Asia. Out of 40 some classmates in my Navy Aviation Electronics School, only 3 of us didn’t end up off the coast of Vietnam…we went to Iceland instead. (And one of the reasons I joined was to get away from the cold midwest…ha!) Did 20 years (day for day) over some 24 years of real time. Then ultimately returned to the hinterlands of northern Illinois. Not quite as far along in the marriage department… only on wife #2 *grin*. Just went over the 11 year mark.

    Have driven through your neck of the woods a number of years ago. Some beautiful country out there. (Damn, wish I was able to be back in Texas again.)

    Keep you powder dry!

    Guy S

  29. 06/07/2009 12:24

    Well hell brother, come on down!

  30. SkyeChild permalink
    06/26/2009 21:19

    Looks like you’re getting your own posse going. 😎

  31. 06/27/2009 05:31

    And this is bad because….? Glad to see you popped in! Good to have people listen to me vent, and maybe provide info they might not have had.

  32. sstorm0730 permalink
    07/17/2009 18:23

    Hey, CMBlake! Just “discovered” your blog. My uglier half 😉 and I are in Colorado. He’s a biker, too. Rode in a club for 25 years. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for your service to our country. Thank you for protecting me when I was younger. I’m putting you on my blogroll and will check back often. Take care. Katrina

  33. 07/17/2009 20:34

    Well thank you for finding me. Always glad to have new readers.

  34. 07/17/2009 21:05

    Where are you in Colorado? Could be an interesting days ride! And what’s your blog? Might be something that should go on mine as well.

  35. sstorm0730 permalink
    07/18/2009 06:51

    We live north of Boulder in the foothills on a 1500 acre cattle ranch – not ours. Friends own it. We do have a campground here (RV’s, tents, etc.) Email me and I will give ya more info. Anyway, my blog is Please visit. Let me know what you think.

  36. 07/18/2009 12:01

    That sounds extremely cool!

  37. 07/27/2009 19:15

    Cool. Enjoyed reading your profile. keep up the good blogging I saw you left some neat comments on my blog. thanks .

  38. 07/27/2009 19:29

    Hey, you’re good. What can I say?

  39. 08/21/2009 14:59

    cheers cmblake. just checking in .

  40. 08/21/2009 15:28

    Cool. My ‘puter has been not working real well for the last week or so, so I’ve not been surfing my connections.

  41. Babs permalink
    09/18/2009 10:04

    Nice to meet another true American !

  42. 09/18/2009 10:23


  43. Joanna permalink
    09/20/2011 14:00

    First of all:
    Thank you for your service!!!
    and thanks for spreading the truth.
    We need people like you to keep yelling from all roof tops!!!!
    Best wishes!

  44. 09/20/2011 16:07

    Thank you. I did what I was called to do by my heart and soul. And I did it so that life in America would continue against those who would destroy it. I’m a little old for the job I used to do, and may yet be called to return to anyway, but this I can do for now.

  45. 10/18/2011 13:39

    I’m involved in several of the Tea Party groups in Wisconsin. See
    I’m trying to contact whomever did the Billboard 5 miles East of Clovis, NM that starts out…”So Now We Know”. I’m raising money to put something similar or if we can obtain the graphics we would like to put that particular sign out at two locations here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My direct email is or you can call me at 920-785-1219. Thank You for You Service to Our country.
    James M Murphy US Army 67-68

  46. 10/19/2011 19:29

    Hi there cmblake6,

    I am with a new ammo retailer called I wanted to see if you ever did product reviews and if you’d be interested in doing one for me?

    We just recently launched our re-designed site and we are really excited to spread the word about what we have in stock- our prices are pretty competitive. Basically I’d send you some free product in return for a brief review on your site.

    Here are some of the reviews top bloggers have done for
    Women of Caliber

    If you’re interested, please let me know calibers you can review and we can discuss the details.

    Thank you for your time,

  47. 10/19/2011 20:22

    Actually, I think I’ve looked at your site and found it good. Sure, I do not mind getting with you related to testing ammo, I am a long time shooter, love guns, and guns need ammo!

  48. 10/20/2011 10:04

    We all need to email and Call by phone our GOP Representatives. There are 72 counties in Wisconsin Each county has a GOP Chair. Find out who THAT IS. Then Contact the State GOP. Then the NATIONAL GOP and Tell Them YOU WILL NOT SUPPORT OR VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!

  49. 10/20/2011 18:00

    Romnavich? No.

  50. 10/26/2011 05:46


    Please email me at: and we can get things started!


  51. lrfowler24 permalink
    01/29/2012 17:23

    Wow…. Blake Edwards, Blake the guy that works at Goodyear in South City, 94080
    And now another Blake…..
    Blake put a link to my website……

    I sell all kinds of motorcycle accessories and the best hard saddlebags on the planet.

    Too Much Fun Club Motorcycle Accessories

  52. 02/13/2012 17:14


    Thank you for your kind words about my CFP column. A friend suggested I visit your site to see your comments.

    Also, thanks for the Danial Hannon speech @ CPAC. He has been warning us for years, but too few are paying attention to his waring. I have come to realize that the Right must make saving our republic as big of a priority as the Left has made it its priority to destroy our republic. If we fail to do so, our fate is sealed, and our children and grandchildren will be the ones to pay an aweful price.

  53. 02/13/2012 17:37

    A. J., I only complimented your post because it was REALLY freaking good!

  54. 02/21/2012 13:14

    I am a patriotic American who loves my country as much as anyone else, and I am grateful for the life I have led. I don’t hate Barack Obama and/or Muslims, and I support restrictions on gun ownership. I expect that these positions will cause some readers of this post to disagree with my patriotism. So be it.

    When we were expecting the birth of my son in May, 1982, I began thinking about how I could keep him safe from random violence and how to ensure that he had a better life than I did. The normal concerns of any parent. I have had a very good life, so my goal for a better life for him was and is a lofty target. I did much of my thinking while I was at work in a hospital and in a hospital ER. Some of my conclusions are contained in the longest post that I have ever written, What I learned.

    After much thought, I came to the conclusion that my goals for my son were not attainable for one person or a limited group alone. A good life and freedom from random violence must be attainable by all or they will be denied for many. Therefore, I will advocate equal opportunity for all with private and government assistance to assure a level playing field. Much of the violence in our society is the result of some having too much and many having too little. I will also advocate restrictions on gun ownership because there are too many guns in the US and many are in the wrong hands. The owner of an arsenal of guns is not safe from someone with a quicker draw.

    Bill Cosby lost a grown son, who had everything, to a stranger with a gun who wanted some of what he had. Even the most fortunate among us can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shootings in our ghettos don’t receive the attention they merit from the majority. Please remember that violence among the disadvantaged may not remain only among them. All of us are potentially at risk.

  55. 02/21/2012 16:26

    The thing is, I do not say you must own a firearm. If you don’t want the ability to defend yourself, I’ll probably step in to defend you. If I’m where you’re at when the SHTF. BUT, neither do you have the right to deny me mine.

  56. Redneck Woman permalink
    03/18/2012 02:32

    Hi cmBlake!

    A friend sent me a link to your blog. Thought I’d say hi ! I even left a comment on one of your articles! Looking forward to reading more from your site!

  57. Redneck Woman permalink
    03/18/2012 02:36

    Hey, walthe310….

    Criminals will always find the ways to have guns, that’s why they are called criminals!….I’d prefer though to be well armed so I could at least protect myself and my family! It’s not a great idea to only have a rolling pin handy when a criminal has a gun pointed at your kid’s head!

  58. 03/18/2012 05:17

    Indeed. This is why I say “breaking laws is part of their job description”.

  59. 03/18/2012 05:17

    I hope to keep your interest piqued.

  60. 03/25/2012 22:27

    Good stuff here! I will visit more often. I got banished from the Rottweiler a year or two ago. Always liked your stuff there, too

  61. 03/25/2012 22:30

    What happened at the Rott?

  62. mike t permalink
    03/26/2012 08:22

    I never figured that out. Politically and Patriotically, I think I was on the same page as most there. I still regularly read stuff there. But, Mudshark became persona non grata.

  63. 03/26/2012 08:31

    I don’t know either. Ah well, welcome to here. Just be intelligent in your commenting, and away we go.

  64. miket permalink
    03/26/2012 08:48

    Glad to be here!

  65. 03/26/2012 09:19

    Glad to have you. Spread the word(s) that show the future.

  66. coffeeandsleeplessnights permalink
    03/27/2012 00:18

    I just now read your ‘About Me’ page… don’t know why I never thought to check it out before [I just get too busy, I guess]. Nice to know a little something about one of my favorite bloggers. 🙂

  67. 03/27/2012 00:21

    Really, that is me in a short sharp shot.

  68. coffeeandsleeplessnights permalink
    03/27/2012 00:24

    I’m surprised to find out that you were in the military [don’t ask me why I’m surprised because I don’t have an answer for that one – and Google wouldn’t be any help, trust me, I looked already]

  69. 03/27/2012 01:36

    Am I not hard enough to the right? What? And yes, I taught killing for a living.

  70. coffeeandsleeplessnights permalink
    03/27/2012 01:45

    LOL If you were any more right it would be scary.

  71. copperpeony permalink
    04/24/2012 06:23

    Excellent blog and people who realize this is MORE than just politics. It’s war against the free world, which by the way, is us and probably only us at this point.

  72. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/26/2012 20:29

    Chris – you must read this.

    It came from Doonesbury’s Sand Box section

    April 23, 2012

    Name: Ian Wolfe
    Returned from: Iraq
    Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

    Why is there this disconnect between veterans and the rest of the country? I once thought I was alone in this feeling, that maybe it was just me who felt disconnected from society, that it was nothing related to my being a veteran. But as I talked with more vets, and read articles by vets, I found that I was not alone.

    Some have related it to anesthesia of the populace in regards to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; the distance and seeming unaffectednesss of the American people. Generally speaking, the American public endured no physical or emotional affects unless they were close to someone involved. It isn’t like WWII; there was no sense of communal involvement. It isn’t like Vietnam; it hasn’t quite inspired the emotions evoked by that conflict. It is something different, something unique, distant and fiction-like, able to be put out of mind. The Abrams doctrine, which held that when you send your military to war you take your whole country to war, is gone. The masses are anaesthetized from war now. We alone bear the burden, along with our famlies.

    Others have discussed the idea of a “warrior class,” the emergence of a new population which is becoming increasingly isolated on military bases due to the unique position they are put in, which the rest of the population knows little about — just enough, usually, to use the idea as a tool for politics. It’s often when some scandal is found that the populace becomes concerned with what we are doing, so we are only recognized in shame, leaving our own storytelling to try and prove we are not the sum of our worst.

    I have no answers, except the feeling that I am not alone. At which I am both rejoiceful and fearful. I am not sure what it means for us, and for the country. How does a measly two-year deployment to Iraq change me so much? Or maybe it didn’t change me at all. Maybe I just see things differently now.

    But maybe the split between the path of the country and the path of the veteran is worth looking into. Maybe it is for the better. For the veteran knows the world better then the fantasy the populace glimpses through edited news programming; a snippet forgotten quickly with the commercial break and the latest celebrity gossip.

    I joke often that I might be dead inside. It gets some laughs, and I laugh too, for I know it is not the case, not entirely. But I do feel different. I feel indifferent to things I feel society thinks I should care more about. I have little patience for things I feel are stupid or bureaucratic. The holiday seasons often drag along like a chore.

    I find myself wishing to go back. But the closest I can get is as a nurse on a burn unit. I often want to stay, the trauma being the only thing that inspires a sense of importance or emotion, of something real. I don’t know what this is or what this means, but I know there are many people who feel the same way. Call it disaffection, irritation, depression — whatever it is, it is inspiring a generation of veterans, for better or worse. With the suicide rate of veterans increasing I wonder if it is leaning towards the worse. But it could be fostered into something great for this country. Maybe this country needs people who feel disconnected, disaffected, and different, to lead the way into our future.

    Posted at 10:31 AM | Permalink | Comments (7) | TrackBack (0)

  73. 04/26/2012 20:57

    Will do.

  74. 04/26/2012 20:58

    Very cool!

  75. Tom K permalink
    05/05/2012 10:31

    Hey Chris,

    Thought I’d pass this site your way. A search engine to find guns for sale on forums – . Check it out. It just launched yesterday.

  76. Tom K permalink
    05/05/2012 10:34

    Hey Chris,

    I thought you’d like this site . It’s a search engine to find guns for sale on forums. It launched yesterday.

  77. Martin permalink
    08/10/2012 06:50

    I’ve heard shit and 2 is 8, but not the whole thing with fart as a fraction piece. My question is, what does it mean?? thanks.

  78. 08/10/2012 07:37

    It’s just a silliness.

  79. 08/20/2012 01:01

    A great place to get survival tips and one of the better survival guides around.

  80. 10/04/2012 20:17 … This woman will be a Saint for what she has done calling out The Brotherhood.

    God bless and Kill a Marxist… just wait till it’s legal!

  81. 10/04/2012 20:18

    It will be fun!

  82. 10/04/2012 20:23

    Amen Bro!

  83. 11/12/2012 14:25

    Hey Blake just found your blog it’s great! Just wondering if you would link to my website on your blogroll,, let me know i will do the same for you.

  84. 11/12/2012 14:45

    Sure, why not. Didn’t see much on your blog, but it may yet grow.

  85. Micah Gaines permalink
    12/12/2012 21:44

    Hey hon. Hopefully you get this. My husband was an ERB casualty in the Navy was well. We are looking for more information on the law suit that your SIL helped with. Can you please contact me at I would give you my phone number, but you know 🙂 I don’t need more unknown calls. Lol. 🙂

  86. 12/13/2012 01:28

    I understand.

  87. upaces88 permalink
    12/13/2012 07:28

    I did not know that we have an actual Hero in our midst!!!!

  88. 12/13/2012 08:18

    SIL Frank was a victim of the Early Retirement Board. Navy helicopter mechanic displaced by Ovomit’s military spending reductions.

  89. upaces88 permalink
    12/13/2012 14:06

    For this time in our history, he, of course, cut the spending in the wrong places! Everyone in D.C. received hefty raises!!!

  90. 02/03/2013 12:30

    Cmblake6 – just found you – I come from Pesky Truth where (apparently) you visited the other day – thanks for visiting. I was also in the AF, though just a lowly A2C working ground crew on B47s when SAC was in vogue. I do like (and agree with) a lot of what you’re saying – sounds like you like Obama about as much as I do. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, I’ll be sure to visit yours again as well.

  91. 02/03/2013 12:34

    Outstanding! We all need to keep dialog going with each other as much as possible. This allows us to share thoughts and inform each others readers.

  92. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 21:09

    Well, Chris! I am VERY impressed!!

  93. Ira Berrian permalink
    02/20/2013 06:55

    Our top four star Generals need to take over this government before the evil ones give the order to kill us all with those Homeland Security hollow points. Then we can have a new and fair Election after the military takeover. Our Senator types are girlymen and just want to float along downstream to the Communist sharks.

  94. 02/20/2013 08:23

    Problem there is that most, if not all, of them are puppets of the regime now. Unless those who DO believe in their OATH and the Constitution they swore it to have enough respect from their troops, it will be difficult to overcome the brainwashing.

  95. 08/21/2013 00:17

    Hi there, cmblake. I came across your blog through a link from and have been reading up on a few of your posts. It looks like we definitely share some views of the current administration and the state of the U.S. I was just wondering if you’d mind adding a link to my website ( to your blogroll. I sell authentic American silver dollars, and I also just started a blog where I write about the ins and outs of the industry. I’m currently working on a post about the role silver can play in the event of political collapse, and if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to link to your blog. Given the current state of affairs of our country, I think it’s important to prepare for anything at this point. Anyway, thanks for reading this and let me know if you wouldn’t mind me adding a link!

  96. 08/21/2013 07:09

    You are absolutely correct, precious metals, medicine, weapons and ammo, these will be the things that will carry you through. Just remember, if you don’t have the last ones as trade goods, you’d damn sure better have them for your own security.

  97. 08/22/2013 00:25

    Here’s my new blogpost on precious metals as post-collapse tradable goods:

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

  98. 12/27/2013 14:27


    I came across your site on my lunch break today and read through and watched some of the youtube videos you posted and it got me thinking you might be interested in reviewing some of my companies products. I work for the Ready Store, an emergency preparedness and food storage manufacturer, and thought you might want to try out something we offer and make a review. We stand behind all of our products so we’re confident you’ll have a good experience.

    Let me know what you think, feel free to soot me an email and I can get something sent out your way.

  99. 12/27/2013 16:17

    We may well look into that. Thanks, Gene.

  100. 12/27/2013 16:43

    No problem, hope you had a nice Christmas.

  101. 12/27/2013 17:09

    Not bad at all. I hope you did as well.

  102. upaces88 permalink
    12/27/2013 18:19

    My daughter bought me all of these “intelligent thinking movies (DVD(s) I hate.

    I keep telling her that if something doesn’t blow up or I don’t know who the “Good Guys Are” in the first 5 minutes, I am bored out of my mind!

  103. 12/27/2013 18:36

    Sometimes a puzzle is a good thing.

  104. 12/27/2013 19:17

    A movie is an “escape for me.” We have to think far too much everyday when we are online. I want to know immediately who the good guys are; vs who the bad guys are.
    I want to be entertained, inspired or LOL
    Moulin Rouge (sp?) was one of my favorite movies along with Tears of the Sun”; Bruce Willis, “good guys win type movies.” I like all of Clint Eastwood movies…even as he got older. He is good!

  105. 12/27/2013 19:34

    Tears of the Sun was fantastic!

  106. upaces88 permalink
    12/27/2013 19:43

    Right now, Gran Torino is on Cable with Clint Eastwood. That is also one of my favorites.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have watched “Tears of the Sun”…Lord! I wore one DVD out!
    Australia is also another of my favorites.

  107. 12/27/2013 19:56

    All good.

  108. upaces88 permalink
    12/27/2013 20:08

    That’s what I mean. I don’t want to have ti figure things out in a movie. I am there to be entertained….NOT frustrated trying to figure what the hell is going on!
    Black Hawk down was a good movie, but it worried me.
    Too real….

  109. 12/27/2013 21:42

    True story based.

  110. upaces88 permalink
    12/27/2013 21:43

    I know…that’s why I didn’t like it. It hurt me for them.
    Die you see “Man on Fire”? Denzel Washington.

  111. upaces88 permalink
    12/27/2013 21:43

    Correction: “DID YOU SEE…”

  112. 12/27/2013 21:50

    Yes, and it was superb. Not so wild about his character’s ending, but it was really excellent.

  113. upaces88 permalink
    12/27/2013 21:54

    I know! I hated that part.
    My favorite line in the entire movie was when he was in the room of that couple and he had this “shoulder bomb” (thingie) and he was going to kill those in the car of the criminals behind the kidnappings.
    The line went something like…the couple in the room he “invaded” (lol) to get the best shot at his target, was something like, “Only God has the right to decide who lives and dies. God Makes those Judgments.
    He said something to the effect, that he didn’t judge, he was just going to “make the introduction” and let God sort it out.

    Do you remember the line? I didn’t get it right…but you get the point.

  114. 12/27/2013 23:02

    Close.Been a while.

  115. 12/28/2013 21:38

    Getting my android on synch. Wish me luck.

  116. 02/19/2014 18:22

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for including my blog Pesky Truth in your Blogroll and for visiting PT yesterday. I know we’ve made contact before and I just realized that although I did add your blog to my blogroll – it (somehow) disappeared??? Don’t know what happened, but I’m adding it back tonight. I do drop by here often and always enjoy your stuff. Best to you.

  117. 04/07/2014 13:16

    Great Blog!
    Re Tom Jefferson/DeclIndependence…just blogged an interesting piece not long ago on Tom paine and his part regarding the DOI…
    Semper Blogging/RBing!

    Dick.G: AMERICAN !

  118. 04/08/2014 00:38

    Thanks, Gunny. I’ll keep trying to bring good stuff.

  119. 04/08/2014 00:42


  120. 04/15/2014 07:11

    Hi – Can you get in touch, I have a site you might be interested in, email me at: webomatic at hotmail dot com

  121. upaces88 permalink
    04/15/2014 19:23

    Chris! You ARE Hell on Wheels aren’t you!!! Good Going!!!!!

  122. 04/15/2014 21:25


  123. upaces88 permalink
    04/15/2014 21:50

    YOU…which one? You, CMBlake6!!! LOL

  124. 04/15/2014 21:55

    Were you speaking of my stats for the day?

  125. upaces88 permalink
    04/15/2014 21:57

    Your entire life is like what movies are made of !!!

  126. 04/15/2014 22:01


  127. upaces88 permalink
    04/15/2014 22:08

    I wasn’t teasing you. Your life is like one of those Bruce Willis movies! Or, Denzel in Man on Fire!. You are my hero!
    Hell, my husbands couldn’t even fix a flat. I thought they were mentally regarded. My daddy could do it all..I really thought all men were born with the gene! LOL.

  128. upaces88 permalink
    04/15/2014 22:09

    CORRECTION;;; ;I thought they were “MENTALLY RETARDED” because…..

  129. 04/15/2014 22:16

    Fear not, my sweet. My brain did auto-correct when I read it.

  130. upaces88 permalink
    04/15/2014 22:18

    Awwww, thank you…”auto-correct” LOL

  131. 10/02/2014 15:40

    Always glad to meet a fellow patriot and supporter of our right to carry.

    At USCCA, we encourage law-abiding American men and women to be responsibly armed citizens and to be ready to protect their own families. We provide training, education, a supportive community, and our Self-Defense Shield helps protect those from jail in the event they do have to use their weapon. I’d appreciate it if you would add us to your blogroll.

  132. 01/14/2015 07:05

    HI cmblake6

    good sight, keep up the good work.
    I was wondering if you would be so kind to consider adding to your blogroll, I would be happy to trade with you.


  133. 01/14/2015 09:18

    I’m pretty sure it already is on there.

    update: It wasn’t, but it is now.

  134. beanburner permalink
    01/14/2015 10:36

    I read one of your posts the other day about if any of your readers were neighbors. Just thought I’d drop you a line from the frozen tundra of Clayton. I get to Clovis every once in a while, mostly passing through on my way to Hobbs. If you ever get up this way, hit me up. My wife and I own the coffee shop here in town, Crossroads Coffee. Keep up the good work,


  135. 01/14/2015 14:50

    Outstanding! Just might be one of those “summer ride” trips!

  136. 03/11/2015 17:08

    I’m back! Just a bit of tweaking, and we’ll be good to go.

  137. 09/25/2015 11:46

    cm, that site is just to experiment with. My blog is at and I cross post at Liberty’s Torch a lot.

  138. 09/25/2015 23:26

    Thank you for the update, sir.

  139. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/12/2017 19:04

    Chris – I just signed on to a Congressional campaign to unseat Maxine Waters. We need all the good ideas we can get. Besides being a national joke, what do you think?

    Trump’s election has energized Conservatives/Libertarians/Republicans around here and we think we can actually beat her. Mostly, she’s a political hack and we’re looking for issues to exploit that will play both nationally and locally?

    What do you think? What issues would you suggest?


  140. 04/14/2017 00:27

    Just show some of the better videos.

  141. Stan Arthur permalink
    04/25/2018 09:07

    Thank you for sharing my film A Visitor from the Past! I do appreciate it.

  142. 04/25/2018 19:05

    It was incredible! Well done indeed!

  143. 04/26/2018 16:26

    Since you support Infowars (Info Wars) you need to know about what is being done to Alex Jones in an attempt to end his freedom of speech by attempting to assassinate his character by him receiving certain abuse photos meant to frame Alex with receipt and possession.

    Please cover on your blog about my post regarding Alex Jones receiving a set up attempt. This is very important and the evidence is on my blog post. It is connected with the attacks. Please repost the entire post on your blog in case my blog post gets censored. You have my permission to post my entire article about Alex Jones being put under attack by the CP set up political hackers squad or whoever they are at this point.

    Attorney Susan Basko’s declaration in federal court proves that people are getting set up with CP and are having to contact the FBI. Brian’s FBI filings via fax are in federal court records. So Alex Jones getting set up with CP is true according to the threatening email that is also reported to law enforcement and filed in federal court.

    Alex Jones the next set up attempt victim.

  144. 04/26/2018 23:00

    No doubt. The left, the truth is like sun light to a vampire.

  145. 04/26/2018 23:43

    What happened to Alex Jones is not remote. This has happened to a variety of people. Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes, Stewart Rhodes, Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News, Jeff Lewis of the Patriot Coalition. I also heard there were others too. The number of people claiming they were getting those kind of set up attempts are slowly increasing. I’m sure there are more but many are araid to talk about it and just silently report to the FBI. The reason some are bringing this issue up is out of fear that they will be character assassinated and driven into suicide or a lifetime of suffering and stigmatization and bullying over such possession charges by law enforcement. CP is in my opinion the most dirtiest, the most vile set up weapon available. All somebody has to do is get ahold of CP material, then they can set up anybody they want. The biggest problem is those criminals that become law enforcement officers will have free and open access to all CP material from the ICAC task force database, they can access to all of the child abuse photos they ever wanted without risking suspicion. They can plant it on whoever they want and nobody will question them, ever. Thus many believe in the PizzaGate scandal as many in some way, shape, or form, have come into information regarding pedophilia in certain Government positions including law enforcement, Federal Judges or judicial officials, politicians like Anthony Wiener or Hillary Clinton, and the the documented cases of proven pedophiles inside of the Government offices. Imagine what scum like that can do to us??? Raid our homes, plant that filth on our computers, and bye bye we go into a federal prison then decades of mandatory sex offender registration and thoughts of suicide and loss of kids where the kids get taken by CPS, and marriage issues up till divorce to follow. The devastation of lives over false CP allegations is all that is necessary to ruin lives. Not everybody can afford to pay for the Roberts Law Firm or law firms that have a dedicated legal team to fight against CP charges of any kind. Not everyone can afford $300,000 attorneys to fight against a false sex allegation. Most truth seekers would buckle and become sex offenders and maybe commit suicide rather than having to create mortgages and get into serious debt just to fight a charge of that sort without any means to recover the legal costs for being found not guilty by a Jury or having the case dismissed.

  146. 04/27/2018 09:00

    The left will do anything, no matter it be a lie, to win. Have you read Alinsky? It helps to know how they think, and what they do, to catch it.

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