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Alrighty folks, let’s go way back


Speaking of that 4/20


This one may have been it. It’s shorter than what I heard, I think, but it’s funny:

I say again, make sure you’re not going to get swabbed and fired even when it becomes legal. I say again also, alcohol, weed, whatever, the taxation on sales would undoubtedly help to pay down the debt. Flip side of the coin, if it’s going to affect your work performance don’t do it.

To those of you who understand, I hope you enjoyed 4/20


I was listening to Ground Zero, and Clyde had this song on:

Aaaaand despite numerous variations of the search term it was not to be found. Let me just grab something of the ilk:

The one Clyde Lewis had on was much funnier in it’s treatment, and it went on for a while. Either the one I was trying to find to post isn’t on YT, or I just didn’t have the time for a detailed search. But it was hilarious.

There are problems with the legalization of recreational weed, mostly being work performance. Mind you, the same is true of those who fry their minds with alcohol. And certain jobs you simply can’t afford that possibility, so you would still be subject to swabbing.

Pay attention to the laws, and pay attention to the rules at work. Even if/when it becomes legal in your state, your job may not approve. The level of illegality of it is ludicrous, but it does still somewhat alter your brain wiring. Think before you drink, think before you toke. If it is going to screw up your work, don’t do it. Yes, the tax stamp has rocked the debt of the places that allow it, but to what end?


By God, this thing should have sold like hotcakes!


Considering the technology of the time, this thing was awesome!

Oh, for cryin’ out frikkin’ loud


“California Compliant” DERRINGER?!?! Just don’t sell the 410 barrel in Commifornia and you’re fine. Sweet Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!

Time for more alcohol. Wish a certain other nerve calmitive were legal here…

Such as this really calms me


More of the greatest music in history:

If that wasn’t enough:

These guys were GODS of MUSIC


Just had to say that. As were these guys:


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