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I want one, what taxes would I have to pay, can anybody send me one a part at a time, OMG I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!

Patriotism? Well, yeah, sort of…

THIS is the sort of stuff that makes me happy


Big grin, happiness:

To go to a slightly different place


I hope this is true. All these SJWs who complain about someone convicted to die for some horrible crime. If these people, in this day and age, have actually been sentenced to death, why should it be gentle? Really. Why?

If you have done something deserving of death, you should know it.

This isn’t a piece of the previous


This is its own post, into and of itself:

And speaking of President Donald J. Trump


Things such as this are reasons why I voted for him:

This man was only such “politician” as he needed to be to “MAKE THE DEAL”! And, as such, he didn’t just kick ass, he stomped it to mud. Were there some hiccups? Yes. Were there a few times where he had to “use the machine” to get out from under? Yes. But he pulled it out and made it sweet. He said it himself, he didn’t need this POTUS bullshit, or anything like it. Ain’t no way on God’s grey earth this job is going to bring him the money he was making in business.

This isn’t money.


This isn’t some rich dude wanting to milk it for all it’s worth, this is a man who wants to “pay it back”, or something of that ilk.

I’m going to go ahead and say it, cheer me on, or hold your nose, I don’t care, THIS is the man chosen by God to save those people he put here in this nation WHO STILL BELIEVE IN HIM!!!!!!!! Him God, not him servant.

I may or may not have things that some might doubt are Godly, but I’ve told you in the past that I have BEEN dead. I have BEEN THERE. And I was sent back to do something.

Apparently I haven’t done it yet, or I’m still doing it, or something. I just don’t know. BUT! I thank God every day that He has allowed me to do it.

The Space Force is on


I clicked on VP Pence’s address, then clicked over to Gen Mattis’ news brief, and one of the biggest comments in the live chat was “OMG, how can we afford this and do all the money things we already do now?” Since we’ve decided to start not paying for the rest of the world to live, we can have money left over to invest in this. Simple as pie.

US first. No more spending the m/b/trillions on everybody but ourselves. The Donald is the POTUS of the USA, not the whole planet. US first. Then, maybe we can work a deal. You give us something, we’ll give you something. This is how capitalism, and a Republic, work. Quid Pro Quo, y’all.

I already have one, but another would be nice


Classic Firearms has a small batch imported from Switzerland. This is one of the sweetest “bolt action” rifles on the planet:

I have one of these, and it is absolutely ridiculous how accurate it is. Between this, and my Finnish M39, I’m torn as to which is the more accurate. The ammo for the Swiss is available, albeit a bit more expensive than the Finn, but it is SWEET! Try one if you can, buy one if you can.