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This was today’s song in my head


But while I was searching for it, I also stumbled on this:

But we knew that. The really funny thing is, tonight I was watching “Last week tonight” on HBO. And our host was discussing what a snub the Saudi king laid on Ovomit and it’s greeting. “Bitch, we don’t even want you here.” This is the POtuS that’s going down in history as one of the greatest! Oh yeah! A legend in its own mind! This miserable scum is the absolute embodiment of everything that has been sliding downhill for the last 50 years at least. I’m going to go take my pills, see you tomorrow.

I just subscribed to this YT channel


This is some really awesome shit!

I don’t know why this song came to mind


But it is one of the greats:

Remember how I ask you about YOUR OATH


Check the words you swore to, check what it is you swore to protect:

Couple more


It’s one of those days:

Not tripping too hard, just flashbacks:

Hard flashback


Kind of in relation to yesterday



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