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Another highlight from Fart Liqourdale


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Much Ado About Nothing: “The Russians Did It! The Russians Did it!” No, They Didn’t. AMERICANS DID.


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Source: Much Ado About Nothing: “The Russians Did It! The Russians Did it!” No, They Didn’t. AMERICANS DID.

And the Ft Lauderdale shooting


Click the title on the video, instead of the center of it to play, and it will take you to YT to see this and many others. There are so many of these happenings that wouldn’t get near as far as they did if there were armed citizens in the crowd. Mind you, an awful lot of these “crisis actors” would end up dead. Actually, that would be a good thing.

UPDATE: Just found another BINGO proof that this was a False Flag:

You heard about Ovomit’s 11th hour land grab


The new Congress has decided to go to work immediately:

Remember the Bundy Ranch? It was part of the grab. You wondered?

Praise God, 11 days.

I like this one a lot too


Listening to the explanations and clips, I feel reassured in my vote. Oh yeah:

And then there’s this one:

But most of all, I’m looking forward to this:

And thus begin the New Crusades


About bloody time someone did this. Our problem is all these leftist bullshit pukes that want to destroy this nation. Had you heard of this? Did you see it anywhere on the LSM? Didn’t think so:

Why have we not heard of this? Because of the agenda of the left. My biggest question is: Why aren’t we doing this? Pisslam is a governing system, not a religion. Pure oppression. Why do you think these idiots blow themselves up for the sake of it? Because it’s the ONLY way life is going to get better for them, to go to Paradise for Jihad. But you know that Satan is the father of lies, Allah is Satan, and Mo-ham-ed was a tool of the devil, not a prophet of God.

I’ll stop there, my brain is on overdrive.

UPDATE: And through the smoke from my brain, looking for something else to think of, I actually stumbled across some Americans with common sense:

Very interesting stuff


First, you need to read this. Just in case you might have wondered. Read it? Good, now you can watch this:

This guy’s presentation style is a touch weak, but he did cover a lot of ground.