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Treasonous RINOs


The only hope I can have is that this is a wake up call done in a sarcastic fashion. What do I mean?

“Hey folks, this is the idea behind what they want to do! We were going to pull this if it actually got serious consideration!”

I doubt that, but hey, one must have hope. Here are a couple/three videos, some longer than others, that show exactly how ridiculous and “slippery slope” this law is. And I will give you the Whitehouse petition link to try to stop it:

This shows you just how stupid, and poorly written, this bill is. Was it THAT poorly written to make us aware of what the left would do intentionally?

See? Tim over at MAC wasn’t the only one to post up the names. This guy is pretty damn good at stuff like that too.

Carlos Curbelo: 305-222-0160 Peter King: 516-541-4225 Leonard Lance: 908-788-6900 908-518-7733 Patrick MeeHan: 610-690-7323 Ed Royce: 714-255-0101 909-420-0010 626-964-5123 Chris Smith: 732-780-3035 609-286-2571 732-350-2300 609-585-7878 Erik Paulsen: 952-405-8510 Ryan Costello: 610-696-2982 610-376-7630 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 305-668-2285 Charlie Dent: 610-770-3490

And finally, a bit more explanation from guys we all know and love:

Crap. Four now. This is another well spoken fellow who sees the truth:

We do have to stop this before it goes any further.


Let’s see how long this one lasts


And, once again, there’s this


These guys are speaking my words. I don’t have to bang away at the keyboard, other than to introduce them speaking for me:

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You DO realize that if we go into 2.0,


This will allow the UN to come in to support the “US Government” against the rebel forces. Note the quotes:

But this is bad, y’all. Real bad. And why in the Holy Hell did we vote for RINOs? They lied in their campaigns, and we bought their shit. What we need is a law that, immediately upon proposing ANYTHING UNConstitutional, straight to prison.

We may have to risk that 1776, v2.0 anyway. If we were to do it fast enough, the UN won’t have time to interrupt. If the modern military would understand the OATH they swore, we wouldn’t even have to have this thought. I’m not saying we will, I’m hoping we, as the public, won’t have to.

The Sawman speaketh


Well, when he can get a word in edgewise around Alex Jones:

Here are a couple more of interest


And this:

Or this:

That one was even faster. Wow!

UPDATE: Found it on another channel. WATCH QUICKLY!

This is why Las Vegas happened