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I am truly partial to Walther products


Here’s an example:

If it’s not a 1911, if I’m wanting to carry something a bit lighter today, it’s probably going to be one of my Walthers. This is a fine example.

Some good gun facts for you


I love it when we can provide true statistics for those who want us to believe that we are the wrong ones:

How about them numbers, eh?

Update:  A bit of enhancement to the previous figures:

Crisis actor. Boom


Gun control isn’t about guns


It’s about control:

Why is hypocrisy tagged? The people that scream loudest for Gun Control have armed security all around them, 24/7.

Might this be how we do it


How we are doing it? How they did it to get here in the first place? I’m fascinated by this whole concept:

Are we there yet


I’m suggesting that if we are discussing the possibility publicly, it is already current reality:

Why did I tag history? How many things have we found out about that we’ve already had for years?

It would appear I’m not the only one


This is what I’ve been saying for YEARS, not just recently. It just makes sense: