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Ben Shapiro isn’t a favorite of mine


But there are times when he makes some pretty good points. One thing that scares the hell out of me is his expectation of a “blue wave” in this mid term election cycle:

I’ll use the crude term, HOLY SHIT! Do NOT allow this to happen. I will say this, if your congresscritter is a RINO, put in a real Republican. It can be done/It MUST be done. The only way we are going  to save this nation is to do what we did to get The Donald in. Vote beyond the ability to cheat!

Ben says we are unlikely to keep CONgress. Prove him wrong. Do not stay home, get off your ass and vote. It is actually almost incredible how many more of us there are than them. But they cheat. Multiple votes, dead people votes, name it. They do it. But we, WE, beat them for POTUS. Do it again. Do it again. Save this country. If the demoncraps take power, we’re done. And you know that.

Did Ben say this to scare you into NOT sitting at home? I hope he succeeded. The demoncraps must be removed. Standing, or feet first, they have to go.

The witch hunt for President Trump


From Mueller and the other assorted DNC scum, just seems to keep back firing on them:

Step on your ____ much there, Bob?

Very little on the planet as good as


Chuckwagon cooking. And this fella can COOOOOOK!!!!!

Just vote them the hell out


What to say, somehow these idiots got voted in, vote them out:

Let’s be honest about this. Eventually the bullshit will get too thick and will need to be washed away. If the hoplophobes don’t go away peacefully, they will need to be removed, the inevitability of it is clear. Am I suggesting they be removed feet first? No, I’m not saying that that is the only option. There are still elections in this country. Get off your ass and go vote. Simple.

We hope.

And these are college students


If you have any questions on these idiots, comment your question and I will answer them. If you know the first damn thing about guns at all, you won’t have any questions anyway. Still, let’s discuss these fools:

Soooo, which of those first 10 Amendments do you want to keep? We pay for these fools to go to school? Why? How do they remember to breathe?

The story behind the riff


And the song in its uncut melody:

This is from when I was REALLY getting into music