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It’s time for a little rant here


Or rather, a posting of a bit of history, and some deep thought:

I thought that one was pretty good. Then we come to an actual news person (from back in the day) who did some research and spoke truth to the people:

Son-of-a-bitch! ABC?!?! Anyway, one more from more recently:

Yes, I have put that up before, but it’s been a while. Anyway, I feel better now.

UPDATE: I’ll have to throw this one in this mix:

Crap. Found another update for this. Oh, the humanity! Will it never end?!?!

RACIST!!! Oh, wait, what?


This guy says what a whole bunch of people think:

Honky mutha…oh, NOT a honky? Sheeit.

Obama Hates The Damn Country But GOP Defends Him



I don’t know where Boudica is hiding, this is the latest and it’s 2/27/15! It’s still good though.

Originally posted on Boudica BPI Weblog:

Published on Feb 24, 2015

Obama Hates The Damn Country But GOP Defends Him

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I just wanted to put up some tunes


Classic tunes, some brilliant rock and roll. I’ll be back on line with some hot rod political memes before long, but I’m kinda burnt out with this shit. I keep seeing stuff about FEMA, and Operation Jade Helm, and all kinds of other shit that’s causing my extremely close cropped hair to get even grayer. My beard is the real giveaway.

We have a new range opening soon, a very nice indoor, climate controlled, rated up to .50 caliber range, and I’ll be more able to vent some frustration and clear my mind. A little fantasy target action and I’ll be much better.

Anyway, let’s start with Bob Seger:

From there, a touch of The Nuge:

And some really brilliant remix of Jimi to take you to another world:

Ah, that feels a little better. I’m not gone, I’m just mellowing for a bit. Oh, the Jimi? Click the play bar at the 5:10 point and away you go. Or use that time to get a beverage.

Brilliant site!!!!!!


Love it! Haven’t tried it yet, but I will. The site name tells it all.


Speaking of dropping in at Full30


This is the absolute shit! Hopefully you know said terminology:


Okay, like Hank said…


You’ve got the Glock 42 in .380, now the Glock 43 in 9mm full honk, how about the 44 in .40 S&W, then the Glock 45 in .45?

You’ve got the stone ass Glock fanboys. As for a system, Glock is absolutely shit hot. For my hand, the thing never quite fit. But this has great potential. Click the link, see what you think.


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