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This is a couple of weeks old


But it is about as true as it gets. THIS is why the commucrats were jumping out their ass:

If you don’t go VOTE, this nation is toast. We will have another Revolution. Most of the military will be on the side of the citizen, but how many have been brainwashed enough not to be? October 20th early voting starts, November 6th is the magic day. Speak out, or we are in the shit once more.

I wish I had made this vid


But Bob did, so it’s all good. Bet you didn’t know this, eh?

Pretty sure I put up the Original


But this tells you WHY we must get off our ass and VOTE. SGT Report put it up as well. Well, he replayed it on his channel. He’ll explain:


Some “drain the swamp” memes


Early voting begins Oct 20


Get out there. Serious business, go vote. I like one of the comments here, put ICE agents at the voting places. Nobody mentioned voter ID, but I make sure I always show mine:

Come on Liz, only 10?


I might suggest carrying a little something to convince these idiots if they get in your face.

Two things to start today


The first one is that the Feebs have found something interesting about this whole Kavanaugh thing:

The other thing is that we are losing a very important member of the cabinet:

Nikki Haley has been equal to John Bolton as a representative to the UN. Who will The Donald pick to equal them again? I’m sure he’ll come up with someone, but it will be hard. Be in prayer for our nation.