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Verrry interesting


And then there’s this:

And we can go a bit further:

Then, here’s a “wonder why”:

And this is a “Godamnit, this is over a year old, why has nothing been done?” thing:

So now I have to find a song to calm me down:

I had seen the previews watching Arrow and The Flash


For this program I thought I might like, The Messengers. I was like, well maybe, we’ll see. Decided to check it out, found out it wasn’t for a few days yet, so decided to go to They had already removed the pilot, since we are 6-7 episodes in, so searched for anyone that had it on line. Found, and started from episode 1.

There is a message here, an extremely good message. But their viewer numbers didn’t make them happy, so they are going to end it at season 1. They’ve cancelled season 2. Just like Firefly (yes, I am a Browncoat) which was a brilliant show which has run for years in replays, on demand, and they had to get Joss Whedon to make a closure movie years later.

Now, Firefly was good entertainment, with a prophetic message of it’s own. The Messengers is a brilliant show, with it’s own sort of prophecy.

If you go to CWTV, scroll down to the bottom of the page, find the feedback button, everything is pretty self explanatory. See if you think it might be worth screaming at the studio to save.

I did.

THE BETRAYAL PAPERS, Part V – Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?



Those who ignore history…

Originally posted on The Radio Patriot:

Muslim Brotherhood Control of US Govt


The Betrayal Papers have thus far investigated and explained the Obama administration and their alliance with the international terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. The articles analyzed several aspects of White House policy, foreign and domestic, and compared them to the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Parts V and VI will explore the personal ties that bind Obama, as well as the progressive American left, to the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is a portrait of a conspiracy that has reached unprecedented heights of global control.

“A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”

Has there ever been a president whose personal history is so murky, so questionable, and so baffling? All one must do is recall the allegations, still open for debate and research, that checker Obamaís background. Laid out below are some of these allegations, not to be proved or disproved, but to remind the reader that Obama’s personal…

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This is a great one


And you have to admit, extremely probable:

What we have heah, is a very deep thought


Right. You think the demoncraps will fight Ted Cruz’s citizenship, when they let Ovomit get away with being absolutely ineligible? Mother not of age, father foreign visitor, not even an eventual citizen? Mom, in Ted’s case, was old enough to transfer citizenship, and Dad came to America to BE a legal citizen. So, there is that:

New toy! New toy!


As some of you may know, Ruger makes fine firearms. They make miscellaneous .22s, .32s, .38/357s, .40s, .44s, .45s, rifles in various calibers, on and on. The GP100 revolver is considered one of their finest new model handguns, And they have a custom shop to tune even more fine and blueprinted versions of damn near everything they make, just like S&W, Colt, ad infinitum. One of the most highly thought of and stupid expensive variants is the Wiley Clapp GP100.

The next one may well be this. Until I hit the lottery, though, I’m kinda done with buying stuff. Maybe.

Music of the last few days…


That was today. Yesterday started with:

And then shifted to:

All good music, and the reasons are unknown as to why they were on my mind. But at least they kept me entertained.


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