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Must calm down, must sleep


And this, in the background, should help:

This is rather cool, hope it’s true


Fry this bitch.

Who did it best?



Or Black Sabbath:

Ozzy did it first, but Pantera did it to honor Sabbath. Which version do you like better?

OMG, this is superb


I’m going to give you the link. You need to read this, and gleefully rub your hands together.

I’m not going to tag it, categorize it, nothing. But Lord GOD is this good!

I’ll buy this on bluray for sure


If this is real, I’ll for damn sure own it! Found at The Feral Irishman:

Here’s my thought on “transgender identity”


What do you have between your legs? Whatever it is you “feeeeeel” doesn’t change reality.

That simple. Your “gender identity” is that simple. Do you have a penis, or a vagina?

Boom. There it is. The only way you get to choose which bathroom to use is if you have both sets of gear.

The reasoning here is sound


Absolute sense, and exactly what we need.


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