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Ow abou a bi’ o’ this then, eh?


Luvleh bi’ o’ nosh.

A small bitter pill containing the knowledge we need


America is Being Delivered Directly Into the Hands of Its Enemies

At least many of the things we should have seen, or have chosen not to see. Or have seen and wondered if we were alone in that.

Things such as the following. Things that should make you scream. Here are the first couple/few paragraphs of the article of which I’ve linked:

You have seen my columns stating that Obama is and has been the ruination of our once great and feared conservative nation but it is now becoming irreligious, feckless and subject to the moods and desires of a man who is unquestionably a phony actor pretending to be a Christian all the while damning Christianity and those who practice its teachings, including its most ardent bishops and priests.

He coddles all things and persons Islam/Muslim, supplanting our once conservatively fearless men of war in the military service for namby-pamby, diaper-wearing infants.  THERE ARE NO RECOGNIZABLE CONSERVATIVELY MOTIVATED WARRIORS LEFT IN OUR MILITARY.  The corrupt United Nations awaits the ceding of our sovereign national identity.

Obama has replaced all of the leadership positions in our military with flat-out, Muslim-loving, throat-slitting cowards who hide behind covered faces and beards.  He claims to fight the rogue ISIS Muslims, but orders infantile weakness from the military assigned to oppose these Islamic terrorists and allows the insurgents to terrorize and maraud openly against peaceful nations of which the United States is one.  And he disavows the combination of the titles Islamic terrorist as if lately there were any others.

A fair bit more to be read. From an American author posting at a Canadian source so he can get it on line. Does THAT simple fact not tell you even more?

And stolen from a comment is this:




And that’s why I carry a gun.

Originally posted on ANTZ-IN-PANTZ ......:

A guy puts on full Muslim garb and walks around a city same as that Jew who did the same thing. People are not happy with him.

He whines about the Islamophobia.

I guess he forgot the part about how it’s Muslims going around killing innocent people with terrorist attacks. Jews don’t go around blowing themselves up in the name of the Talmud.

Dumb fuck ought to be glad he’s still alive. But that’s the point, isn’t it? He IS alive.

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So I’m watching this Crimson Trace commercial


And they come up with this line “the lasers edge”. Which of course clicked this song in my mind. Not the first time, but I had to put it up tonight:

And, of course, it had to be this version.

In case you wondered


Now you will even know the name of the cuts as you butcher your meat. You do save money, whether you hunt it yourself or just buy “half-critters” to cut up at home.

Okay, so there was pork. How about some venison?

Small, eh? England. There are big ones over there, and by big I mean normal American size. There was a time not long ago where this in the video was average in the Florida/Georgia area. You have to harvest or the animals overgraze and become small and sickly. Guys I knew stationed in Fl told me that the hunting season for swamp deer was 90 days, and the bag limit was one a day. The reason was to cull the herd for the animals health.

This is fun music some days!


First, a bit of preface. I watch the hunting shows on Outdoor Life Channel and Sportsmans Channel. Many other shows and such, but when there aren’t any of my favorites like Sleepy Hollow, Justified, The Americans, Banshee, so forth and so on, I pop over to the outdoor stuff for things like Pigman, MeatEater, such as that. Now Pigman had Cult of Personality covered by an artist called John Stone. Unfortunately, THAT particular song isn’t on YT. So, I figured that I’d see what other stuff he had done.

I emailed the Pigman show contact, and they answered back with the info. I want to thank them for answering back. This fellow does the song justice, as hard as that might be to believe.

I do like the nomenclature on this model


Price is supposedly very sweet as well:


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