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This one was righteous for sure

Let The Games Begin.

Forgive me, please


For having not posted for a few days. Joy? Insecurity? Hesitance to believe? We now have a President-elect that in every way (nearly, at least) embodies exactly what we’ve wanted for a very long time.

Keep your eyes open folks. You know how we push for this or that, we get it, we go back to sleep?

I want to trust this man so badly, you have no idea.

Please, Donald Trump, President-elect, Savior of this nation, be real. We’ll be watching you. Dear God, do as you’ve said you will do.

So far, stock market and general opinion, stuff is looking so very good.

Pray he’s real.

This too is awesome


Almost pops my heart in pride at those who now do what these men do, the sort of things I used to do in my youth:

This entire series is great


But this one is my personal favorite. Of course.

I especially like that line about “kill enough of them and they’ll quit”.

You expected maybe


I mean, duh:

And this one is just hilarious


This is too funny! LMAO!!!!!

And this one had me in tears:

I love this girl


Her attitude ROCKS: