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And this was incredible. Watch the numbers


Published on Nov 2, 2015

Andy Stumpf has put his life on the line to break the world record to raise one million dollars for the Navy SEAL Foundation. Today, it was announced that Andy broke the current World Record with 18.257 miles absolute distance traveled in a wingsuit.

Just try to imagine


I want this so badly I can taste it


Just try to imagine it:

To fly alone, nothing but you and your wing pack, you guide the flight. Less expensive, not quite as fun, but hey. They idea of near total control to climb out fills my heart all that much more. Ah! Imagine a jet pack to boost a wing suit. Not even solid wings, but enough power to use with that “flying squirrel” suit:

One of the primes in my bucket list


And this is another one:

Like I said, bucket list stuff:

Penn & Teller explain the second amendment in just over one minute


Out of all the amendments to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights the Second Amendment is the most clear in my opinion because it clearly states the right of the people to keep and bear arms sh…

Source: Penn & Teller explain the second amendment in just over one minute

Slightly over a half an hour


This is some serious thought:

And this is just Hillarious



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