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And I think I must have one of these


NIIIIIICE!!! And in the proper caliber, AHEM.

Got me a new hero


This guy is one serious bad ass. He has been blessed by God with skills as a warrior, and is pretty obviously being protected by God in battle.

We Americans should be inspired by his commitment to removing the moslem oppressors from his land, IYKWIMAITTYD.

And here’s Thanksgiving dinner


Yeah? And? What might you have expected?


A couple of excellent observations from people you know


This guy has payed quite a price for these. The only reason, IMHO, that he is still alive is that he came out storming, and people know who he is. If he weren’t such a public figure, this regime would have killed him years ago. Same with Judge Jeanine:

Oh shit! UPDATE! Actually,update? 2013:

SonuvaBITCH! CBS?!?!


This was Nov 2, 2015. Think they’re feeling the pressure of WTP? And then there’s:

That one was 2008. The Founders were visionaries, they saw this coming.

And IT IS TIME to put this one back up:

UPDATE: Dr Jeff sent me this. Well worth reading!

Ready to get a little freak on?


How’d they get there? Who carved them?


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