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Why won’t it leave


Ovomit. Why can’t that filth just be washed away? Dear God ENOUGH:

Why has no one done what needs to be done?

Here is yet another “interesting thing”


Ovomit just won’t fucking go away:

While I hate the robot voice reading


I do love the subject matter:

When they get this thing fully operational


I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, Ted Nugent was much younger 40 years ago


But he can STILL jam like this yet today!

Okay, let’s go back 50 years:

Had you heard of Joy Villa


Before this?

This is the tune that just went stone through the roof. Charted number 1, 54,000,000,000+% leap in sales. I thought that was a little steep, but it would seem that Grammy thing paid off. She did that, and we came through in support!

Here’s another one to sign


Oh yeah! Then there’s this:

I remember nice, inexpensive Russian import rifles. And ammo. And then they sort of dried up. Why? The above. Click, sign, check email, verify.

Those are some pretty good firearms, and they didn’t used to cost an arm and a leg.

Whatever the traffic will bear, eh?