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THIS is some very sick, sick shit


The only thing about that is that I believe every word of this. Cut/paste? Screw that. Read it.

This truly IS some extremely sick shit. Too sick, and completely believable.

Seriously, read it. I can’t clip from it. I just can’t.

Quite good, quite good indeed


Speaking of Steven Crowder and Uncle Ted


Same tags.

Let me lead off with Crowder speaking my thoughts


And from there I will propose a solution:

Genius, wasn’t that? Now, here’s my thought.

Who, what nation, has the lowest crime of any? Switzerland. Why? 2 years mandatory military service coming out of high school. I do like the “civilian or citizen” thing from Starship Troopers, but even if you don’t agree with that here’s an idea for that: Senior year firearms training class/qualification. Rifle, handgun, shotgun. When you are of age, you get endorsements on your drivers licence (like we do here in NM for heavy vehicle/motorcycle). You go down to the licensing bureau, present your training certificate from school (or attend a class for those older that never got the school training), fire a qualification course again, and get the stamp on your licence. You can qualify and be endorsed for any specific type of firearm, and get your type stamp. Your NICS check is performed by the licensing bureau, and that endorsement is your authorization to purchase, own, and CARRY whatever you chose to be endorsed for. You get convicted of any crime that removes your ability to own a firearm, your endorsement is removed and you can no longer have them. So your DL is now also your CCW/fm 4473.

What do you think of that? Oh, let me put up another video that touches on the “WTF is the truth on this situation”:

6 days from event to redecoration


Does seem just a bit “destruction of evidence to hide the truth” to me as well. Looking more and more like a false flag to inspire more public outcry for gun control, doesn’t it?

To ME, this is a call AGAINST gun control. This is small town Texas, and no one in the church was carrying? No one? Guy uses “AR Assault Rifle”, and slaughters half the people in the building, and they are instantly screaming “OMG, We Need To Take These Evil Things Off The Street!” No, we need to ISSUE them. If you own a battle capable tool, you need to keep it loaded just in case. Sure, rotate your magazines to prevent spring set if you think that necessary. They haven’t had that problem for decades, but fine.

But don’t disarm the public. Remember that saying “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.

And yet another thought on that


I suppose I can let this speak for itself. Amazing timing, eh:

Same tags.

And here’s another suspicious thing


You’ve been hearing about the church shooting in Texas, the school shootings, all of this false flag crap to try to disarm us through public outcry? Try this one:

WTP are getting really pissed, and the .gov (or whoever) is doing all kinds of shit. This sort of thing didn’t happen NEAR so much back in the day. Now we have a pro-gun President, we’ve had freedom bills being proposed in CONgress, and the left cannot stand it.