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This popped up this morning on YT


I thought the subject worth examining. Deep thought, well reasoned conclusion:

I don’t do this stuff, haven’t in forever. Would if it were legal, but it’s not, so I can’t. The chemical structure was one of the most fascinating parts in the presentation, and the modifications made to the original plant to achieve them. I was interested in the CBD, which is the actual legal part you CAN buy and use, versus the THC that gets you high, and is therefore the illegal part. The reasoning and comparison to alcohol prohibition was another sound component. Watch this and see if you agree. Comment on points you agree or disagree with, but write them down as they come to you, so you can see if that point is answered before you hit the keyboard in joy or trauma.

Kurzgesagt  gives some pretty damn good thought, and pulls very few punches. Fun channel for the mind to wander down.

This particular talk show


Has one of the greatest presenters, some of the absolute greatest guests, and she makes sure that the opposition is properly represented by what’s considered their best:

One of the biggest things yet to do will be the 2A stuff he promised. I’m of the thought that this will require a totally unbeatable majority that WILL not be stopped by whatever left is left. This election, as almost all of them over the last several decades, is a “must win”. The ones we’ve lost, well, you’ve seen what we got for that. We’ve GOT to keep up the winning!

Another of my absolute favorites


Band AND song:

If I weren’t so old, didn’t have a job,


And a house, I’d be about willing to move from New Mexico to Georgia:

There are a number of things I really love about where I am, and if we can get this state staffed by persons such as this, we’d be absolutely pristine!

To go somewhere other than Politik


Grab a cup of coffee, a bottle of wine, something (this is just short of an hour long), and prepare for some thinking time:

Why not just admit it? Why continue, in fact, to try to hide and/or discredit it? I want to go and check it out!

So, is this another case of Arkancide


So, there was that, and then there was this:

Suicide. Right. Amazing, isn’t it? Somebody do what must be done. I’ll leave this “uncategorized”, you know what fits.

Hopefully you voted in the primary


For The Love Of GOD do not miss the mid-term:

We have got to keep what we have of DC, in point of absolute fact we need to take a whole lot more of it. What has kept us from moving any further than we have already is the number of “them” still there.